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    • maybe we could think about adjusting the pricing of the ALS and BLS ambulances. They cost the same and one can handle everything and one can only handle BLS level calls or ALS with a fly car or EMS rescue. BLS should theoretically be cheaper than an ALS unit. A fly car should also be less because it can do less. Food for thought. Keep up the great work.
    • Essentially the they are the same exact unit just the staffing licensing levels is where the difference is. Yes ALS staffed rigs have a little more medical equipment but the major and blaring difference is the fact that ALS has Paramedics and sometimes Advanced EMTs.

      In my opinion they should be kept the same price due to that fact but I get where you are coming from.
    • While I agree that pricing could go down, Unfortunately this will never happen as the Dev is set on his prices and as well if the prices were to change it wouldn't be fair to the players who've played for a while as they've spent a ton to get where they're at now. If this were to happen then they'd all have to be compensated which would be nearly impossible to do.

      Not putting this down just stating what has been discussed before.