Mile High Emergency Services

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    • Mile High Emergency Services

      Good Morning All,

      I would like to formally introduce a brand new alliance in Mile High Emergency Services! We are looking for members who enjoy being a part of a realistic alliance that like to have fun. We strive to be as realistic as possible with station locations, resources, staffing, mutual aid, etc. All admins/area chiefs will take part in helping you obtain info on your area if possible.

      The alliance is headquartered in the Denver-Metro but we accept players from all over the world. We require that you place your stations and resources, staffing and units to the best of your ability, like their real-life counterparts. The alliance provides daily missions, storms, and buildings for all contributing members!

      Check our rules to see how we operate. When you apply to this alliance, you agree to follow the rules set forth.

      1. Have FUN
      2. Please place stations in their correct locations. Failure to do so can result in termination from the alliance
      3. If a member has already started on a department, consult with that individual and/or Area Chief.
      4. Open all buildings to the alliance. Limit tax for hospitals to NO MORE than 30%
      5. You are not required to share calls to alliance members nor respond to any alliance events/missions.
      6. Alliance Buildings, Storms, & Missions will be requested via the forum. Only contributing members to the alliance fund will be considered for alliance buildings.
      7. DO NOT recruit from other alliances.
      8. Limit vulgar language in chat.
      9. Never give out your password to anyone....ever....ever, ever.
      10. Be respectful to all. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
      11. If you ask to be an admin, you won't be.
      12. Don't spam alliance chat or forum.

      Good credit hunting!