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    • Freeplay Mode

      Alright, here me out first before you call me out for it being a dumb idea.

      Since I first joined up with MissionChief earlier this year, I've liked to imagine myself playing in some form of 'freeplay' mode where I have no, or at least limited, money and ranking restrictions. I understand that the currency and ranking systems are quite a foundation for the game, so maybe all that is needed is an unlimited money setting, or something similar? The reason I would like this is because I've always wanted to setup my real life fire station, and surrounding ones, realistically and control it all. In real life, we have 7 trucks at my station. It would be quite enjoyable for me to set it up realistically and play like it would be as if it was an actual incident. I know a lot of other people I have spoken to have agreed with me on this.

      I also understand users may use this as a method for 'cheating the system' and skipping levels and disregarding prices, so I figured it could operate off a separate game or something of the sorts. (Side note: I've also wanted an easier option to restart my progress, so maybe a reset button would be good for this as well). This keeps the unlimited money entirely separate from the game where you have to earn your progress.

      If this is a frowned upon, impossible, or stupid idea I totally can see why. Just felt like it would be good to see everyone else's opinions on this. Some feedback on maybe ways that my suggestion could be improved or altered would be interesting to see as well.