Limited amount of calls

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    • the number of calls is created based around your max number of stations of a type (so that's two fire stations) plus one call. Gives you a maximum of three calls.

      I've two setups. One on of 28 police, 36 ambulance, 41 fire so that gives me a max of 42 calls. My set up has only four fire and four ambo so it maxes out as five calls currently.

      hope that helps.
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    • gvcymru wrote:

      Is there a reason that it seems there is a limit of 3 calls at the same time when I play?
      I have 2 fire stations, 1 police station, 1 Ambulance Station and 1 Hospital, but never more than 3 calls.
      Than the system works correct. build more stations to increase the max of calls.

      The to calculate te max you use:
      max stations of one type (fire, police or ambulance) + 1 = max calls
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