Changes to MCU

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    • Changes to MCU

      I'd like to make the MCU changed to a Division Chief, or Watch Commander. The idea follows the US's National Incident Management System (NIMS) that span of control is usually best managed by 4-6 personnel or units. So a Battalion is required for 4-6 stations, while a Division/Watch Command covers 4-6 Battalions. The game is already set up this way, it's just a matter of changing the name.

      I would then create a separate unit as a Command Van/Truck or Communications Truck, but there would only be a requirement of 1 per department. There are few departments that I know of, that would ever have more than 1 command truck...FDNY and LAcoFD being just a few examples. Also, any mission that required a Command Van could not spawn while another event that requires a command van is currently dispatched.
    • i like the idea, atleast allow the battalion chief to act as the command unit as well, most departments dont even have a mobile command unit, police do as well but theres nothing available for purchase for a police unit for a command uni.
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    • I agree with most of what both of you have said... 8)

      The command/battalion units need looking at. I don't particularly like it when I have just a few command units, yet half my missions require one. That is a slow and painful process to be waiting every time for a command unit to free up.

      I also like the sound of allowing a battalion chief to act as a command unit :thumbsup: Similarly to how I have suggested in the past with how to improve water tankers, perhaps make it so that 2 battalion chiefs can 'replace' 1 mobile command? I see that as a fairly simple and logical solution to these issues! What do others think?
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    • Dblcheesebrgkid wrote:

      i believe your referring to the MCV not MCU, as these units are both different and perform different tasks. The (MCV) Mobile Command vehicle is for fire depts and can perform command functions on scene, as the (MCU) Mass Casualty Unit is for Ambulance stations/extensions and can treat/transport up to 7 patients.
      Haha, I thought I was going insane, thanks for the clarification
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