Ambulance suggestions:

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    • Ambulance suggestions:

      Hi, I'm a noob to the game, so please excuse me if what I'm suggesting already exists.

      Re Ambulance:

      - IRL ambulances don't need permission to transport.
      Can we modify option so ambos simply transport when it's time.
      The unit is busy until it clears, so it's no further impact on despatch.
      - can we have the ambo vehicle status updates, either by icon or colour, such as
      Red -responding
      Blue - on scene
      Orange - transporting to hospital
      Green - at hospital
      Yellow - mobile available (enroute until it returns to station)
      - can we have a 'forced clear' option,
      If an ambo is stuck at hospital, forced clear makes it respondable in a short variable time
      - for those games with 2 or more hospitals options, can we have a click screen to nominate hospitals for case types? Eg: trauma to major trauma centre, cardiac to hospital cardiac lab etc
      (Paramedics know which hospital is appropriate, & simply transport there)
      - specialist Amb vehicles act as Fly Cars. Eg: rescue units have ALS responder capability.
      - BLS requesting ALS back-up/Case escalation.

    • Again, I'll try to answer the points you have raised :thumbsup:

      1. The game requires permission for ambulances to transport so that the player can choose which hospital the patient is transported to. Sometimes people have certain ways of running things, or perhaps one hospital is nearly full so they would like the ambulance to go elsewhere!

      2. Vehicle 'statuses' are shown next to the unit names in the radio section (bottom right of your screen). '1' is returning to station from a call, '2' is available at station, '3' is responding to a call, '4' is on scene at a call, '5' is transporting a patient, '6' is not available, out of service. Each different status is shown by a different colour too.

      3. It is not possible for ambulances to get 'stuck' at hospitals in the game, although I would like to see that as a feature!

      4. I see where you're coming from for nominating hospitals, but I think having to manually do it is better. Just my opinion though :)

      5. Fly cars and ems rescues have BLS capabilities as far as I know, but I could be wrong. I don't think we will see that changed.

      6. I believe this happens, but not completely sure. From memory I have seen BLS calls requesting an ALS unit instead. If it's not currently part of the game, I too would like to see that incorporated. Patient conditions can definitely worsen over time.

      Hope those answers help too... 8)
      Founder of 911 Emergency Dispatch - a nationwide U.S. alliance.
    • Thanks for your reply Wings203.

      Very interesting, and the game logic does make sense.

      Re hospitals tho:
      If hospitals could be bought/categorised as MINOR & MAJOR hospitals then would that not address the transport issue.

      Medical case types could auto go to either minor/closest or major/closest.
      If a player wishes to avoid paying for hospital usage, a simple settings check box pushes all transports to his own facility (the minor or major hospital).

      This would not change the game dynamic of costs, but would remove the requirement to manually approve every transport in the game.

      Also, how many coins would be required to purchase a hospital?
      I'm thinking if I wish to start a major hospital, it might be easier to buy it in its first stage?
    • If I recall correctly, discussions have been brought up fairly recently regarding the way the patient system works. Although, I don't believe there was ever really any final solution. Things might change a bit now with the new owners, will have to wait and see... :)

      As for the costs of hospitals - there are 2 hospital facilities in the game (1 normal hospital, 1 urgent care centre which you can have a couple ambulances stored at). The large hospital costs 200,000 credits, or 35 coins. The urgent care centre costs 100,000 credits, or 25 coins. Take note that you do not actually require a hospital for medical calls, you just need the ambulance stations. There is the option to simply let the patient go if you have no where to transport them - but for realism, this of course isn't ideal.

      While I still remember, it's worth pointing out that it is recommended you start with fire services. They generally earn a lot more credits than ems or police. Once you have a 10 or so fire stations, then it's probably worth looking at the ambulances!

      Hope that helps you... :thumbup:
      Founder of 911 Emergency Dispatch - a nationwide U.S. alliance.
    • That's very helpful, thanks Wings203.

      I do think the thought-bubble of defining hospitals would be a good workaround for the transport issue.

      having settings available to default 'closest / minor / major' hospital destinations would isolate potential unwanted costs in using an alliance facility.
      It would not change the player decision option or the cost dynamic as it currently is. It simply removes (unless desired) the requirement to dictate transport for all cases.

      I imagine it would be simple to script (I'm no expert of course).

      Do you think the admins/mods would read this suggestion or should I add it elsewhere?
    • Fly cars and BLS ambos when used together count towards an ALS ambo,

      we have asked to automatic transport for ambulances but it is not likely to happen as automation is frowned upon in game.

      Finally you can filter hospitals using lss manager , if you want to send only to trauma hospitals it can be filtered so only they show up.

      Hope this helps
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