12 Alarms of Chrismas

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    • 12 Alarms of Chrismas

      OK OK i know the bird has not ben cut yet. So talking about chrismas should be a offense with jail time lol. Every one at U.S. Task Force 1 would like to invite every one to the 12 Allarms of Chrismas! 12 calls through out December that keep getting bigger as chrismas come near. Also maybe a new years blow out still planing.

      Few Questions before you ask.
      No you do not have to join our allaince to help. Join our allaince for that call alone and leave.
      No you do not need to move any stations. We will proviede staging area for the calls.
      Like any emergency call no we dont know when it will be paged out. We will post a warning befor hand with a Dispatch and discription.

      If you have any other questoins feel free to ask me.

      Enjoy your birds with your families and stay safe.

      Thank you all
      Chief Fingeres
      U.S. Task Force 1.