NE Action Response Group

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    • NE Action Response Group

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      Come Join Us @ NE Action Response Group(But you don't have to be in New England)

      -First off, if you do not want to worry about having your setup overlap someone else's or vice versa, we use a google map so everybody can see where everybody has their setup. Please be reasonable with the land you reserve, you can reserve the towns and cities in close proximity around your setup, but do not take a large chunk of land. Also please respect the map, do not delete other peoples markings or destory it. Please put username as the title of the shape so people who's area is who's

      THE MAP IS HERE…CBPueA9DAavVA&usp=sharing

      -Second we just started so I will try to get more buildings but we need more people to join.
      -Third, I will try to have the perfect number of alliance missions so people are not bored of the alliance but are actually having fun.
      -That brings me to my last point have FUN!
      (You can see the rest of the description in the alliance menu, same with the rules).

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