Guardian Rescue Service want YOU!

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    • Guardian Rescue Service want YOU!

      Hello everyone!

      We at Guardian Rescue Service want to recruit you! Yes you!
      We are a new alliance focus on being active and help anyone in anyway possible.
      It's very boring being in an alliance that will not hold any courses or touch the alliance funds that you have given so much in.( Been there, done that )
      We want good communication that leads to stronger players which will make the alliance strong.

      Reasons to join:
      You can have your base where you like, No area restrictions!
      Amazing Discord server where we can play together... you know what they say: people who play together, stay together.
      We want to teach you to teach us and share all the best ways of playing this game. Or anything else!
      We have big plans for our alliance and we want you to help us get there.
      We are not way to serious... unless you want us to be....Then i tell you to join us now!
      Many roles open and we need people to fill then so we can let the monkeys go( they are always breaking the keyboard! )
      Events! Yes we hold events! just read the line below
      At the end of every month we give the top donator in alliance fund 30$ through PayPal for the hard work... you might say you are getting paid by playing the game.
      More events to come!

      Reasons not to join:
      Are there any?
      Let us know!

      Come around and say Hi!
      I'l bring some cookies
      Founder of
      Guardian Rescue Service - GRS
      Covering: Reykjavík - Iceland
      Volunteer at ICE-SAR

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