Major Earthquake is not fun

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    • Major Earthquake is not fun

      On this board, in the alliance I'm in and everywhere I see this game discussed I see people saying the Major Earthquake mission is not something they enjoy.

      I want to make this thread just for others to share their personal opinion.

      I understand that turning off mission expansion can help, but I enjoy that feature for everything other than this one mission.

      I feel this mission should either be removed or separated from the Earthquake mission expansion line.

      For those of us that play realistic a major earthquake would be more of a strom scenario then a one off mission anyway. I realize this is not supposed to be a sim so I see argument about that.

      The main point of this post is that I believe the Major Earthquake mission as it is currently is poorly formed, and makes me change settings to avoid it that takes away from the rest of the game. I'm curious of other players opinions.

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    • Most of my set up is in MN, We dont quite Get Earthquakes, we also dont get Industrial Fires in the middle of Farm Fields, and several other types of calls that this game offers. some of my departments I get calls at get more calls in an hour then they do in 20 years. That does not bother me, and when it starts to that is when I delete my account and stop playing. I log onto this game way too much and enjoy it way too much to let stuff like how many times I get a call or not get a call.

      Certain Calls I havnt seen in months. My water rescue and Fire boats havnt moved in a month. yes I spent the credits on building those stations. I dont care I still answer what I get and enjoy that someone took there time to build this game for us.

      sure they could turn off the earthquake missions or turn them down. but guess what then your just going to piss off another group of folks. no matter what they do you cant make everyone happy. so just sit back and enjoy the game for what it is or stop playing. :)

      Probably not the opinion your looking for, and with this post im not going for player of the year award. But guess what at the end of the day I am still going to enjoy playing mission chief.

      Thank you Developers for this amazing highly addicting game that is completely rotting my brain.
    • I agree with that also. But just remember its just another call to get more credits. as I mentioned in another post about this same mission.

      I have over 550 Stations. I Get Bridge collapses, Terminal Collapses, Bus in River, Hospital Fires, Cruise Ships sinking, and Train Crashes. Those all produce a high # Of patients that completely drain my hospitals, and resources. I have had a couple those calls that bring in over 50 patients from one mission.
    • I guess that's where the separation is. I have less then 100 buildings. I don't have a huge capacity to absorb it and I personally am mostly into the Fire Department aspect of building things.

      I do get that bigger players can do it easy, but it pops up enough for a smaller player like me, that ventured into police and EMS only because they liked the game as a whole, enough to be game breaking.
    • I too have a rather large setup, yet these earthquake missions are a big pain. Like was said above, for some reason most upgrade to a major earthquake... || If you get a bunch of these earthquake missions at the same time, you soon run out of beds. That then causes you to release patients on scene, resulting in a much smaller payout (hence credit earned is still too low).

      I like the idea of making the earthquake a possible event you can start (like storms). Remove all mission versions of the earthquake, and simply have an event that generates earthquake related missions. Would eliminate a lot of the issues if nothing is done about the frequency :thumbsup:
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    • My suggestion, though I'm not sure if it's been brought up here before, is to have a fault line POI that will spawn earthquakes. I messaged the US forum team but haven't had a response to this suggestion so I'm not sure it's been passed to the developers. Clearly there is a lot of dislike for these missions which I completely understand. As a UK team member, all I can simply do is make suggestions based on what I read here.