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  • To expand, I can understand not wanting to keep vehicles if they're no longer useful, but I'm kicking myself for some of the vehicles I had, like the dozens of type 1s I've replaced with Quints or Rescue Engines and deleted. Or moving a truck 200x so I don't have to delete it. Somewhere to store it would be nice, but instead of a 10k charge, perhaps building it at a cost of something like 500k or inflated like fire stations get, but having it so that the unit is no longer in service and cannot be put into service until given a station. If it was a 500k charge, but had no limit on stored vehicle, it could be useful for storing vehicles when you have too many for the type of officer (like SWAT, HAZMAT, etc) so you can put in a car that can be used, but could also be good to move some of those type 1s or fly-cars or whatever you have too many of until you can afford a proper home for them. My big thing is I had a bunch of RL SUVs for SWAT as what i snow armoured cars and Motorcycles as patrol cars. As they're being replaced, I have to wait until I can afford an expansion and rename the cars, or delete my PC, train the officer and then give him a bike. If I could store the PC, when he was trained, I could put the patrol into storage and move the bike there.

    Even if it was a coins only item, like I don't know, 35 coins, or reduced for premium members, I'd buy into it. It can be helpful for station planning, especially when new units are released, or you live somewhere like I do, and they shifted all the units around the city when they bought a few new trucks.

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