• How about a ems school that can train fire and ambulance crews to emt,aemt and paramedic in most states that will be realistic as fire can treat the patient that way you won't need a medic half of the time :thumbsup:

    EMT 3 Days
    AEMT 4 Days
    Paramedic 7 Days

    We've had things like this suggested, although granted it's been in dribs and drabs.
    There's still an ongoing debate as to whether it should be combined with the Fire School.
    Other notable problems are that quite a few players have massive setups and adding anything must mean that they can still play the game without a massive need for training places. I would definately like it, but it has to be balanced with being realistic about implementation.

  • As you know we are taking a break from EMS updates for a while. The topic of EMS education has been discussed several times. Medical training for medical units will not be a thing unless it is prehaps an advanced training however EMT and Paramedic will not be a thing. This is for the same reason that there won’t be basic firefighter and police officer training along with Engineer qualification to drive vehicles. Yes it happens in real life but it would cause a massive bottleneck in the game and would cripple larger players setups for months and months.

    ALS training for at least fire units is something that could be possibly considered

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