• Am I the only one starting to believe there are too many alliances? This game is all about playing where you want to build your stations, with whatever resources you want. as well as playing with others around you. for the area I play alone. there are 4 alliances for the same state, and that is just specific to the state I am in (That I am aware of) that is not counting all of the other alliances out there that cover world or Country wide. There should be some way for players to locate alliances per area easier without having to post daily/weekly/monthly in the forum here that you are recruiting.

    If this should go into the suggestion category please feel free to move it, just figured it would be a decent conversation starter in here.

  • Typically I think in the alliance seeker tab it goes by your area you have built in I believe. It then brings up the alliances that cover that area. I'm not sure if that's what you were asking but if so that is how I found one when starting. Unfortunately when in there were like 2 or 3 people at one designated station so I just created my own alliance . Like I said not sure if that was what you were referring to

  • The largest alliance (I believe) in the game has over 4,000 members. Some people do not want to be in an alliance that big, and would rather be in one with less than 100 members. Some alliances only accept users from a certain region; others are global. Some alliances are very structured or realistic; others are more laid back. Some alliances are only for the founder and their friends. Choosing an alliance is all about finding one that best suits how you want you and the people around you to play the game, and there are a lot of different opinions on that. So naturally, there would be a lot of different alliance with different ways to operate.

  • Couldn't agree more - options are there for players, just like there are dozens of car manufacturers and types. People like different things. Some like things run a certain way, some prefer a smaller group over a large group, the list goes on...

    Minor details can sometimes make a big difference, hence why there are so many alliances. Friendly competition is always good :P

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