Anti Cheat System

  • I do not know alot about this Anti Cheat System so maybe someone has some more knowledge or can point out where I can find some info. I currently have most of my Fire Stations in Minnesota (311 of them currently) I plan on building every station in the state that has a Ladder truck. I would guesstimate I am roughly 85% complete with this but I am curious if I continue to build in the state will the anti cheat system kick in and start creating calls out of state or just some ridiculous distance out? If you look a Minnesota Map I have the entire metro complete with the exception of 19 FIre Stations in Minneapolis, and 17 Stations in St Paul. If I add these will the system freak out on me being some of the neighboring cities have stations close to the border?

    any help is appreciated. I do have plans for Stations in other states also. just trying to decide if I should just go that route to be safe.

  • So there is no detailed information but it is sure, that it is no problem to build the stations just like there are in reallife. It is also known that it is no Problem to build the "Hauptfeuerwache Mannheim" in Germany that has 54 vehicles ingame with several stations.
    If you build the stations at there actual locations, you do not have to worry about the system.

  • I am not sure about the exact distance however I have built setups in London and New York and the anti heat didn’t kick in. All the stations were in realistic locations

  • If your building the stations realistically then there will be no probelm as the anticheat system will spreadcalls out if all stations are within a mile say of each other but i am sure your coulty is not 1 square mile big so you should not have a problem as I did not when I build the North West and TACRfan built up the south of the UK and I dont believe either of us had any issues.

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