HazMat Required at 11th Station?

  • I am new at this game. Just started this week. I just finished building my 10th stations. I was caught off guard when I had to delete a stations so that I buy a Battalion chief, Heavy Rescue, Mobile Air and a Water Tender. My next step is building a 11th Station. Do I need to buy a HazMat? Once I buy it, do I need to "train" the staff? or will it be ready to respond once I buy it?


  • I am totally new that this. I think I am hooked. Do I need to build a fire academy first to conduct the training, then send units to the academy? Building a fire academy is 500,000 credits! I have only built stations and staging areas to temporary deployment of the 2nd Engine in the firehouse so far. This is for extra coverage areas.

  • Yep, you need a fire academy to train people in hazmat to then use in a hazmat vehicle.

    Costs a bit at first, but you will soon earn back the credits! Alternatively, you can join an academy course if one is offered by an alliance member, but worth getting an academy yourself at some point 8)

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