• Hello Bug Forum.

    Username: BadBadger

    Start of Issue: Day 1 of buying very 1st Ambulance. I do have the required Hospital upgrades needed and staff trained for a full compliment in every Ambulance.

    Operating System: WINDOWS 10 Browser used: Opera ( I have also tried to play on Firefox and Google Chrome, exact same issue remained )
    I also use LSS Manager, as this has made the game so much better, for me anyway, as I play this game realistically for my current area, I had also tried this WITHOUT LSS Manager, but again same issue remained, so reinstalled it into game.

    Did I clear Cache: YES. In fact I did this Before I accepted Mission, once Ambulance arrived on scene ( if timer bar refused to move ) and again once sending Ambulance away and recalling to mission OR using the Reset AAO button within mission. Problem still remains.

    This is an Issue I have had since the very start of buying my 1st Ambulance and in all my missions needing EMS support, every since then, now into the many hundreds, only 3 (THREE) have been completed, one of those was a Halloween Mission, to rescue a Witch in a Tree.
    I did have ONE Ambulance Station, and ONE CLINIC, since deleted, I have to save up again to repurchase them, this was done according to how other players have also tried to fix their Ambulance BUGGED missions; Some of them had issue fixed, others, like Me have still got the exact same issue.
    I was also asked to build another DISPATCH centre, but as I don't have the required 22-25 buildings or the Premium account, I can not build the 2nd Dispatch centre, yet.
    Since then, around about 95% of my game missions have been hijacked, and now require an Ambulance, so until this BUG is cleared up, I only play Fire and Police Missions that DO NOT need EMS support, as I want to play MissionChief

    As I type this BUG report I have FINALLY !!! Just had my FOURTH total Ambulance mission complete itself. I had to clear the CACHE 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) TIMES in order to somehow? force the timer bar in mission to re-start. This is as you can see, seriously bugged somewhere.

    For BUG-reporting, I have done this 2nd mission attempt and NOW I get the TIMER-BAR slowly ticking down ( ATTACHMENT ), it did stop ¾ of the way down the bar and stayed there until Ambulance arrived. I also sent 2 Ambulances, one shows as "On way to mission" the other does not, even though I can see it on the game map, again this only happens with Ambulances. Once 1st Ambulance arrived, like other missions with EMS, it wanted to be refreshed and as soon as I do that, the timer bar STOPS and it's back to spamming the clear-cache again.

    THIS really needs a fix as it is ruining my once enjoyable game-play.

  • For the last image "image_2020-10-28_152948.png" Your sending 2 BLS Ambulances to an patient requiring an ALS.

    If you are sending a BLS Ambulance to a patient with a -C- or -D- or -E- in the patient code, the BLS cannot transport. It requires a Fly-Car or EMS Rescue to transport as they are considered ALS patients.

    [Blocked Image:]

    EMS-Medic for finally CLEARLY explaining something I have never seen in ANY of the guides, that being the CODE structure of the mission, I had always wondered WHAT those weird codes, in this case 23-D-1 meant. I take it my best course of action would be to replace 50% of my BLS Ambulance fleet with ALS Ambulances instead, or at least find a decent ratio of BLS to ALS units.

    To finish and as a further thank you, IS there a proper guide available that CLEARLY explains stuff like this? So I and other new players don't keep filling up the Forums with what we think are BUG reports.

  • I think what they need to do is indicate:

    BLS Ambulances can only transport a patient with an Alpha (A) or Bravo (B) priority without assistance.
    BLS Ambulances can transport a patient with a higher priority when accompanied by a Fly-Car or EMS Rescue to act as an ALS upgrade.
    ALS Ambulances can transport all patient codes.

    So for,
    23-D-1: Overdose/Poisoning/Ingestion: Unconscious
    This can only be transported by an ALS Ambulance or BLS Ambulance with Fly-Car/EMS Rescue upgrading it.

    23-B-1: Overdose/Poisoning/Ingestion: Overdose (without priority symptoms)
    Can be transported by either BLS Ambulance or ALS Ambulance.

    Thank you,

  • @BAD BADGER I gave you a like for asking a question on something you didn't understand! Dont know why people add dislikes to these types of questions as it discourages people from asking questions.
    Getting the right answers from experiences players or staff improves their game play & potentionally the income or referrals they might generate.

    Its something I encourage in my teams.

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