Wildland Engines in Small Stations

  • I am suggesting that Wildland Engines be housed in small stations. Many Departments in the USA have been buying small wildland engines since the 1960s or before. These were types 5,6 or 7 engines. Many departments are now equipping their stations with large wildland engines due to the Urban Wildland Interface issues and global warming. Many Cities in California like Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles City Fire and Los Angeles County fire are also following this tend of buying large Wildland Engines housed in neighborhood stations. I am suggesting that up to two large and small wildland engines be housed in small stations. For the large Stations, they can house three or more wildland engines, Crew Carrier Hand Crew or Bulldozers.

    Any Wildland unit would require a wildland training course.

  • Yes!

    A. None of the stations I have currently build in Cali have more than 6 units at one station for a normal fire department. It’s another story for cal fire however.

    B. Hella annoying and expensive to buy a large fire station in order to put wildland units in that station. A game changer if you could expand a small fd station with wildland. The time and cost for expanding can all be the same and I won’t complain.

    I will still be buying large fire stations however. And that’s because a station like most of cal fire’s stations have more than 6 units. (The supposed to be purpose of a large fire station).


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