Boat trailer abandoned itself at despawned staging area.

  • I had sent an all call of my units to a staging area almost 4 hrs away. The staging area was another players and about to time out. So I made my own, released units from the staging area, and assigning to the new one. My boat ends up travelling back home without a utility to tow it. It's a 4 hr drive so I figure just let it go back to station and it'll start working again. I pay no attention to it and resume gameplay. Nope. Tonight I hop back on and see an alliance mission. 3hr45mins from me. Boom there's my trailer with a 7 minute eta get there. And it reports no tractive vehicle. How do I get this unit back in service? It currently shows status 2 in station, but it physically sits where the staging area used to be.

    Playing the Rochester, NY - Monroe County USA area

    All stations are placed on actual stations. Goal is to cover every station.

  • I'm assuming you'll need to get a towing vehicle close enough to the boat to trigger it from the despawned staging or rebuild the unit. I'm sorry I don't have more info on this. My members have noticed similar issues with staging areas and towed vehicles.

  • This has been a known issue for a while unfortunately. I reported it to the old dev and he didn’t know how to fix it, I didn’t know it was still happening. You need to send the towing vehicle to the staging area and try to send them away again. If this doesn’t work, please get a link to the trailer and post it here and I will get the devs to manually return it

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