Beginners question about Large Station vs Small Station

  • New player and I am Loving this game !

    I what to create some realism to my own City. I want more calls to generate in the city center, then in other areas.

    Will a Large station (fire, police, ambulance) generat more calls in that area then a small station?

    Does anyone have any other tips on how you can get more calls i specific areas ?

  • Large or small fire stations do not change the amount of calls. You get more calls by building more stations (of a single type).

    For example:

    You have 6 fire stations, 3 ambulance stations, and 4 police stations. You will have a 7 call capacity because the formula is (number of a single type of station+1).

    Build more stations in an area and you will get more calls in that area.

  • I've built a realistic setup in LA, just keep building up your fire stations and you will eventually start to notice that especially in downtown areas they will be more busier than county since there is more POIs in the downtown metro areas compared to counties.

  • I would add a couple of things I learned from playing before small stations existed.

    -Always check in the Vehicle Market for station requirements. As you add stations, missions will require units you may not have gotten yet. Get them before adding the next station.

    -Additionally, check the Possible Missions page for the type AND number of units that may be required. You may have gotten the right units, but not enough of them,

    -Be careful adding small stations. You can easily become overwhelmed having more mission requirements than you have bays in the stations to house them.

    The game design was essentially based on the regular stations having three bays. You'll see pricing for bays is...

    10,000 - Add second bay

    50,000 - Add third Bay (Same price as a Small Fire Station)

    100,000 - fourth and subsequent bays

    A lot of folks figure why just add a bay when I can add another small station for the same price, then try to figure out why they don't have enough units for their new missions. It's definitely okay to do it. Just be aware of why that happens.

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