Rapid Response Vehicles

  • RRVs can be any of the 3, it is all depending on the service area and what is best for that area.

    Most are typically a car based unit as these can carry almost the same kit you get in a regular ambulance they just can not transport a patient. Some services have added a Lucas or AutoPulse as standard to RRV and not on all ambulances as typically the RRV will be an advanced practitioner and often first on seen.

    I'd say the car based are used by every service in the country.

    Some services use motorbikes especially in inner city areas as these can get through traffic quicker but the kit they carry is a lot less than a standard car based RRV. They typically have a resus kit including defib and a blood loss control kit and basic meds pack.

    There are a few RRV vans too these are basically the same as the cars.

    There are in some places that have bicycle responders.

    In game you can use them in any way you like just now as there is no actual demand for them.

    Personally I only have RRV at my HEMS locations as I see no point in losing garage spaces for when I can have a DCA in place with a critical care paramedic in it.

    My aim is to provide the best coverage and not the real life coverage as that in Scotland can be seriously bad. Also the game doesn't make it easy to do real life due to how calls spawn.

  • I have about 10(5 of them being hems) and 60 dcas I have a 15 CFRs (very useful for areas that don't have Ambulance Stations or ACRPs) my response times are mainly quite good except for Hoo, Cliffe and Grain it's only got 3 fire 0 police 0 ACRPs and 2 CFRs only but luckily down in medway I have a huge hub of units

  • is there any plans for a medical motorbike/cycle responder? As there is only 1 more medical update I doubt it will be with sort

    They are not needed in game this is going off down the path of providing every possible vehicle the UK services use.

    Motorbike responders are basically Rapid Response Vehicle so if you want a Motorbike responder buy RRV and change image and give it a custom category. Problem solved.

    Bicycle responders are very rare in the UK and for what they respond to could either be a RRV or a Community First Responder as entierly depends on what their kit is. Personally I'd class them as a CFR in game. So if you want to have them in your set up buy a CFR and edit the icon and category.

    Now why am I suggesting this. Hopefully we get a rework of the medical calls and if timers are put on them then this would work well and require people to plan more.

    For example

    Cardiac Arrest is a C1 call and should have a responder on seen in 7 minutes. They also typically would have 2 DCA, 1 RRV with advanced paramedic or doctor and 1 ops manager. Yes this differs depending on location, time of day and how busy it is.

    Now if game introduced a good call system that used all units on the medical side we could see a really good feature as follows

    A C1 call Cardiac Arrest pops up in our list we get 7 to 10 minutes to respond to get a response bonus. Now to get that we must have a responder with basic life support on scene within that time frame. Units that can offer BLS are


    Joint Response Unit







    Now we have our first response on the ground we have time to get the full response needed to resolve.

    For this to work sort of like real life in game it would need to be.

    1 DCA or HEMS, 1 RRV or CFR, 1 OTL or GP

    Now reasoning behind this is it's all about numbers of people there to help and keep successful CPR in progress until getting patient on the move stable or not. This is where the entire team comes in as the CFR and RRV can get on with it as others arrive. Once we have at least a DCA or OTL there more can be done, by now the patient has probably been defibrillated and is either sustaining a heart beat or is needing continued CPR and the patient may be put on Lucas/AutoPulse then focus on moving. All while either the advanced paramedic (either in otl or rrv) or the doctor is managing the call and directing care.

    Once you have a responder on scene and more come in the question becomes stay and play or scoop and run. Stay and play is more favorable as it allows stabilisation of patient before moving. scoop and run is still done but this offers limited treatment for the patient and often has a worse outcome.

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