• PRV is a primary response vehicle run by HART and is seen as a VW transporter responds to all hazardous I lncidents

    SRV is a secondary response vehicle run by HART and is a Sprinter responds to all hazerdous incidents with the PRV

    Co responder is a RRV but run by the fire service in Ruarl areas

    Welfare is a unit run by HART as responds to fires/hazardous incidents

    Crew Carrier dose what's in the name and helps finish missions faster however there will be more features added to it.

    All RRVs treat c3 and c4 paitent codes 100% unless transport is needed.

    If you need anything else send a message here.

  • so the co responder is just someone in the fire service who is trained in medical services and welfare unit is the opposite basically?

  • ok thanks, one more question.

    is there any difference between a gp and rrv other than the rrv heals people 100%?

    Yes the GP is CC however the following units treat C4 and C3 paitent codes fully:

    Joint response unit (acts as a police car and RRV)

    Rapid response Vehicle

    GP (With CC as well only on HRLs and clinics)

    Co responder (run by the eh fire service)

    Community First Responder (Volunteer Staff and only form HRLs)

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