Help for Alliance members

  • Hi Everyone,

    This maybe something not all people would be interested in but maybe there could be something added into the game whereby alliance admins can set challenges for credit rewards for members.

    Maybe something where the alliance admin can set challenges using their own credits for members to earn.

    I have over 70 million sat there and would love to help my members as much a possible without having to spend real money in game.

    My current setup covers most of the UK from Cornwall up to Scotland and into Ireland, all my hospitals and police cells are open for members to use for free, Daily large missions, weekly storm etc. I’m doing everything possible to help my members. All alliance buildings are free to use as well. I could continue to expand my own set up but not in a position where I need to.

    My thoughts are along the lines of the task/events that are already in game, but this could be an addition where say I set up tasks for my alliance members using my own credits to help them progress better. These tasks would have credit limits so that I couldn’t just set something up that’s ridiculously easy for a high credit reward but keep it as fair as possible.

  • Definitely. I’m doing everything I can already without spending real money. I think the alliance challenges could be a good way.

    My member are also spread throughout the U.K. so when I set up daily missions some people will miss out. I set up staging area for weekly storms and give everyone a few hours notice of the location. There isn’t much point doing that for the daily missions as the credit reward is pointless for the hassle of organising it. So with the daily ones I just alternate every day with the locations.

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