Destruction Of Private Property Prisoner transport?

  • Ive had this mission twice now, and im unable to transport off the mission to an alliance building (I only transport to alliance buildings I have no cells of my own)

    Couple questions :

    1.) can sheriffs transport now? I thought they cant but my one had a status 5 for transport BUT it wouldnt allow transport of prisoner. NONE of my alliance buildings show for transport for prisoners when I get this mission. I can transport to alliance buildings on all other missions

    2.) I cleared all my units, Sheriff that had the transport request and my fire marshals and I was hoping prisoners would transfer to a patrol car see if I could transport then but they did not. Can I not cancel units to transfer prisoners to a squad I want them to be transferred in off a mission?

    I currently have 4 patrol cars and my transfer status only shows my police buildings with no cells available as I dont own any, Why wont it show my alliance cells like it does on all other missions?

    3.) I know fire marshals can transport if only 1 personnel is assigned, this is true, correct?

    4.) should I only assign 1 personnel to my sheriff deputy's and fire marshals? I try and assign a full squad for faster mission outcomes. But if this issue is continuing for me on this same mission twice now im starting to think I should?

    Im confused. This is the only mission Ive had this issue with and its the second time :/ I end up releasing prisoners because transporting is impossible.

    Edit: im going to keep this mission up to see if I cant resolve it somehow with some help.

  • To answer your questions:

    1) Yes, Sheriff Units can transport. This was change a little while back.

    2) Most likely the alliance building was too far for transport. Any transport capable vehicle can transport a prisoner, you do not need to cancel off the call to assign a vehicle.

    3) Fire Investigation Units can transport, Fire Prevention Units cannot. Both units will cover the Fire Investigation requirement, but only FIU's double as a patrol car. There must be a minimum of one assigned with the Peace Officer education.

    4) Full squads will aid in speeding up mission completion. I have full vehicle compliments with no issues in transporting.


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