Staging Areas

  • Keep getting an issue with staging areas, where vehicles are unable to be dispatched.

    I notice this mostly with CARPs/Ambulances due to the amount I have, but I'm sure it happens with other units.

    For example, if I send my units to a staging area, I have 237 Ambulances, 135 CARPs. When going to dispatch to a mission, I can only send 60-80 CARPs, and normally around 180 ambulances.

    Even if I press the button to load more vehicles, this doesnt show all. If I go back into the staging area, the remaining vehicles that I'm unable to dispatch still show "At staging area".

    If Im lucky, and send out my other units from the staging area, I'm sometimes able to dispatch the rest of my CARPs/Ambulances after that. However, not always.

    At a guess, I think this is an issue with loading vehicles in to send while they're at a staging area. Hence, when sending some out and reducing my list, the rest show up and are able to be dispatched.

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