Control Center ability's

  • To whom it may concern,

    The following is a recommendation on what I'd like to be able todo within the game by way of upcoming update.

    For the most part I play via real world station and apparatus within those stations. Though I do sometimes find myself trying to evenly spread "special or uncommon vehicles" throughout a dispatch center coverage location.

    For example mobile command centers, EMS command centers, Hazmat... etc.

    I would like to be able to enter an areas "Dispatch center" and see a map view, then be able to select a "specific type of vehicle" and the map shows me all the stations that have that particular vehicle.

    This way if I had say two stations within a particular county dispatch center shows me that I only have two Hazmat vehicles in the southern end of my county... then I would be able to add another Hazmat vehicle to a station in the northern area to help with that coverage area requiring a particular vehicle...

    I hope it makes sense how I explained it and my reasoning for it.. I feel like this would increase the overall purpose and usefulness of a dispatch center as well.

  • So, I looked up this feature your talking about... I submitted my recommendation to mission chief in hopes this could be incorporated into the game itself and not require a user to download any other software in order for it to be feasible. I appreciate your suggestion but I myself would rather see this as an easy feature to use within the game itself.

  • Think that would be a great addition to the game. Yes would be really good to see. :thumbup:

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