Riot Police & Senior Sergeant Expansion

  • Missionchief-Australia has launched the new expansion for Police Content.

    This includes:

    Police Building Expansions:

    * Riot Police Expansion

    * Senior Sergeant's Office

    * Additional Senior Sergeant's Office

    New Vehicles:

    * Riot Police SUV

    * Riot Police Group Vehicle

    * Riot Police Equipment Vehicle

    * Senior Sergeant

    Police Education Additions:

    * Riot Police Equipment

    * Senior Sergeant

    Special Feature - Senior Sergeant

    The Senior Sergeant (when configured to do so) can automatically transport prisoners to lockups as configured (this is similar to the Paramedic Supervisor function for patient transports).

    New missions have been loaded to support this pack.


  • Content Advisory Teams for each version are constantly working diligently to deliver the best content packs based on the regional differences.

    This release was geared only toward the Australian version, announcements about other content packs for other versions will be communicated as they roll out. Unfortunately, I am unable to share what packs are being looked at.

    As for your second question, you cannot move a setup from the US version ( to the Australian version ( /

    If you choose to do so, you can join the Australian version and build a new setup. The Terms of Service does allow for players to have one account for each world. Many people choose to play more than one version.


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