Public Order Update

  • A public order update containing 5 new Vechiles 2 educations maybe a building or expansion

    - Prisoner Transport Van - Can Transport 1 Person And Acts as a IRV

    - Public Order Vehicle/Riot Van Acts as a Riot Unit, IRV and PTV, and needs public order training

    - Horse Box, A Sort of Lorry containing horses I would say up to 10 horses needs mounted police training

    - Horse Trailer Needs a towing vehicle (IRV) can have 4 horses, needs mounted police training.

    Ideas: Missions could need X horses, never more then 10

    Buildings: A Riot Police Station or a expansion to a large police sation

    Could work the same way the traffic car works.

  • A prisoner transport van that only transports 1 person and is an IRV would be useless.

    Why not have it so it transports 2 to 4. Most prisoner vans can do that as they have cells in them.

    Public Order Van would be good, these would be best not to transport but act a bit like a Crew Carrier as all they are really designed to do is hold extra officers and some equipment.

    Mounted Police would be great however I wouldn't have a unit holding 10 horses, this would not really be realistic as from what I remember most of the police horse transporters only hold a max of 6 as they also need to carry food and equipment. I would not bother with a trailer either for horses as I doubt any mounted section has them for transporting horses.

    What is needed would be a mobile office/command post.

  • We already have a public order update planned. Thank you for your suggestions though, we'll take them on board and see what fit with our aims.

    Thank you appiriate you telling us.

    I like most of these ideas and I forgot abour food 😅 yes a mobile command office/post would be cool and thank you for your constructive criticism

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