Australian Emergency Management (AEM)

  • Welcome to Australian Emergency Management (AEM) - the #1 Alliance on the Missionchief Australian Server!

    Who We Are/Alliance Structure:
    We are a dedicated team of players based all over Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands. We have 2 Deputy Chief Fire Officers, 6 State Commanders and soon to be 2 state commander assistants who are all very active players willing to give assistance and guidance to all players - new or old.
    We also have dedicated Training Admins who post daily training courses from our alliance academies, and post up additional training on an as needed basis.

    Where We Are:

    We are located in every state and territory of Australia, and have grown over time to include the entirety of New Zealand and most of the Pacific Islands

    Alliance Membership Benefits:

    - Free daily alliance training posted for all members to use (and including the training courses that alliance members create and share - we never run short!)

    - 55 alliance training academies and growing (20 fire, 20 police, 15 ambulance academies)

    - Easy-to access help in the alliance board (forum) and Alliance Discord Server

    - Daily missions generated on a state-based schedule, including the weekly storm/bushfire event

    - Share in multiple other alliance-shared storm/bushfire events and large missions created by other alliance members

    - Multiple alliance-built hospitals and police lockups in every region the alliance covers - and with more than adequate alliance funds are able to build more at short notice in any location

    - 649 Hospitals and 650 Police Lockups built in total within the Alliance - and growing daily!

    - Numerous active players who are allocated the transport admin role (once earned over $20M credits) to free up missions around the alliance.

    - Numerous players in the alliance who are able and willing to help clear shared missions,and/or share missions to the alliance to increase earnings alliance-wide

    - The higher you contribute to the alliance (contribution %), the more that you will receive a discount on using alliance assets!

    - (Work in Progress) Training Youtube Videos on how to get the most out of playing MC, and how to fix common issues

    With Thanks!

    Zoodles and the AEM Commander team

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