Senior Sergeant

  • Noticed an interesting bug tonight with some of my Senior Sergeant units.

    All three sergeant vehicles in this station had crews allocated to the vehicles (like every vehicle I have in this game). The vehicles have chosen to ignore this crew allocation and have allocated crews to the vehicle itself, resulting in one of the vehicles not being able to respond as the crew were in another vehicle (see below screenshot). I have three senior sergeant vehicles in this station, with crews allocated to each. Vehicles #1 and #3 were on calls, and both vehicles 1 and 3 did not follow the crew allocations/assignations that I had delegated.
    I have had no issues in the past with responding senior sergeants with one qualified member, but it's the first time where I've seen this in action.

  • Was able to replicate it again late last night - Again involved a senior sergeant with only one trained member and the other member unavailable (being trained). The vehicle in question pulled another trained member out of another assigned vehicle rendering that one out of service (due to no personnel available).

    Doing a bit more digging/testing this morning - if there is only one personnel available (who is trained) for the senior sergeant vehicle, then it will in the 1st instance select another staff member with senior sergeant training regardless if that other member is allocated to another truck and will not select a person with no training, whereas this does not occur with any other vehicle that requires prerequisite training like K-9 .

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