Major Hospital

  • Would be great given that the DEVs won't increase capacity at the hospitals to have a new building.. "Major Hospital".

    Cost 400,000? Twice as many beds as the current Hospital however utilising the departments differently.

    I don't know about anyone else but I do not use the departments, I see no incentive to use them.

    In my opinion it would be amazing if when you buy the department Expansions that each department had their own beds?

    So you have for example a 30 bed hospital, you purchase the trauma expansion which unlocks 10 trauma beds bringing the hospital to 40 capacity.

    The trauma beds only accepting trauma patients and once filled the next trauma patient conveyed goes to the standard 30 beds.

    This could be done for all departments, increasing capacity but also giving a reason to use the Expansions.

    I know we get a small increase in earnings for the correct department but in my view its not a good enough reward when you have a large setup.

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