EMS Update

  • EMS on the US game appears to be misunderstood and neglected by the developers for whatever reason so here are some ideas for a EMS update.
    Changes to Calls:

    Upgrades and downgrades for calls: A system where a sick person call could end up being a cardiac arrest would be a realistic thing to add to the game. Or maybe a concussion Charlie patient could upgrade or a Echo or downgrade to an Alpha. This could also not be on a random basis and be based on the response time of your ambulance from the time of dispatch of the unit.

    First responder unit usage: I am aware that the creators do not want to add death to the game but maybe if a non transport unit is closer to a patient than a transport unit, there should be some sort of benefit to sending that unit to that call. Maybe it could be combined with the prior suggestion and prevent the call from upgrading.

    Hot and Cold responses: We already have ALS and BLS response, why not add hot and cold response. for example a cardiac arrest needs a ALS unit and x3 EMT trained (Will get to that next) manpower on top of that.

    Difference in provider levels:

    Adding different provider levels has been something that I have been looking for in this game for awhile. It should be broken down to only 3 levels: First Responder, EMT-B, and Paramedic. Each provider would be able to provide care at 3 different levels.

    First Responders: This training is basically just CPR-AED + First aide, and it would be for all firefighters and police officers that are hired, no special certification required

    EMT-B: All staff in the ambulance station would have this certification and it would be available in the fire training academy. If an EMT-B Staff on any apparatus that unit would be able to provide BLS treatment.

    Paramedic: Training available in both the fire academy and the rescue academy. 1 needed to staff each of the ALS units (I.e ALS ambulance, EMS Rescue, ALS Fly-car, Hazmat Ambulance). When placed on a fire unit that unit can act as a ALS Fly-car.

    Excuse the poor grammar I'm exhausted.

  • The Fly-Car (equivalent to an emergency response unit/rapid response unit) will treat non-transporting patients 100% and release them, and will treat transporting patients to 90%. In addition, it will act as an upgrade to a BLS ambulance to allow it to transport an ALS (Charlie through Echo) patient.

    With regards to Hot and Cold responses, this is already in game with the Priority/Non-Priority button. Should you wish to send a vehicle without lights & sirens, change the Priority to "Non-Priority".

    With regards to provider levels, this is already achieved as well.

    First Responders (Fire and Police) will treat a patient up to 10%

    BLS Ambulances will treat and transport BLS level patients (Alpha and Bravo), and will partially treat ALS patients (but can be upgraded with a Fly-Car or EMS Rescue).

    ALS Ambulances will treat all levels of patients.

    With regards to adding "Paramedic training", I strongly disagree with this point, as this would result in a material change to the game mechanics essentially breaking users with VERY LARGE setups and rendering thousands if not tens of thousands of personnel useless, until they can train their staff.

    With regards to upgrading (or downgrading) patient calls, while I understand that chief complaints change from dispatch to patient contact, the need for an upgrade or downgrade of a patient status is not necessarily needed. As a paramedic, if I'm arriving on scene, dispatch as a Delta-Chest Pain however arrive on scene to realise it is a simple Abdominal Pain call, I wouldn't call for an additional transport unit to take the patient. Similarly, if I'm dispatch to an Alpha-Sick Person, but arrives on scene and identify that the patient is experiencing distressed breathing, I'd identify this as a Load and Go, and get the patient to definitive care as quickly as possible, not necessarily waiting for another transport unit. The only exception to this is a VSA, where you may call for additional hands to work the VSA. but within the game mechanics, the ultimate outcome is the same (transport to hospital).


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