Fireboat Dock Personnel

  • I can't seem to find anything on this but....I just built my second Fireboat Dock and a Large Fireboat for the station. Dock came with only 2 personnel (as expected). My problem is two-fold. First I found out that in spite of being a Fire fighting boat, you cannot transfer excess personnel from a regular Fire station to the Fireboat dock regardless of whether they are Ocean Nav trained or not. I can understand this on one level as personnel transfers are limited to /from buildings of the same Type vs. buildings within the same service (Fire, EMS, PD). Second, I have my first Fireboat dock fully staffed plus one extra trained personnel (8 at the first station) and thought I would transfer a couple of them to the second station to balance the staffing levels BUT apparently you can't transfer personnel from one fireboat dock to another fireboat dock either which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. Am I missing something or is this another one of those things that don't make sense from a practical point of view that won't be changed because there "are too many more important things to fix" in the game?? It would be nice to be able to move personnel from a standard fire station where there is excess personnel to a fireboat station where you can train them to staff the boat as I have an extra person or two here and there after doing some equipment moves to balance out some coverage gaps.

  • When the fire boat and rescue boat docks were introduced you could transfer from 1 fire boat dock to another fire boat dock you were never able to transfer from a fire station to a boat dock

    However I think it was about 1 year ago that the game no longer allowed you to transfer any staff to a boat dock

    The staff transfer was something I was using to train staff at an existing dock for the large boats so when I built a new dock I could transfer staff to instantly have it operational

  • I also believe there is a "minimum" number of personnel required in each station. So if you are required to have "10" and moving someone drops you below that # you will not be able to move anyone.

    Yes, I understand the in staff levels (10 at a reugular house and 2 at a dock station) but this isn't a problem as I was wanting to transfer from stations with excess personnel where the total station staffing was in excess of any minimum.

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