Lifeguard Post and Coastal Rescue Stations

  • It seems like the Lifeguard Post has very little value. There are only few possible missions (3 I think) that can be activated by building lifeguard posts, they don't count towards the number of stations needed to build additional coastal rescue heliports (1 heliport per 6 coastal rescue stations) and the vehicles are very similar to the Coastal Rescue Station.

    To activate a lot of the possible coastal missions you need quite a few coastal rescue stations (up to 20) so why not focus on building coastal rescue stations and forget lifeguard posts? I get the Lifeguard post is only 50,000 vs 500,000 for the coastal rescue station, but spending even 50,000 on a Lifeguard Post seems like a waste when you should focus on building coastal rescue stations to activate new missions and unlock more coastal rescue heliports.

    So what is really the point of using Lifeguard Posts? Just realism? I am trying to figure out if I am completely overlooking the value in a lifeguard post.

    Maybe after building 20 coastal rescue stations and opening all the coastal missions, lifeguard posts might make more sense to get more vehicle coverage?

    I am curious about other people's opinions who have built out a lot of coastal things.

  • When they came available I opened a couple coastal rescue stations and a couple coastal air station with all the required people and units. Once they fixed all the bugs I get several missions generated a day and they seem to generate good points. Not sure if I would add more, but I see no real con or pro to having them. Just another part of making the game somewhat realistic for those that have coastlines. What the moderators, administrators and content advisors will tell you is that they try to come up with as many realistic programs and buildings as they can and they they do it for free. The problems encountered will always center around differences in what all our normal jurisdictions do in terms of operations and what each game player feels is the "best" feature or features to add. They are certainly not if they are not working out for you then eliminate them. I had issues with the water rescue extension and an overwhelming amount of missions daily, so I just deactivated them.. I saw no real value so I bailed on that part of realism.

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  • Sorry if I wasn't clear. I like the new coastal buildings and mission sets. I was more curious if anyone has seen the benefit of the Lifeguard Post vs the Costal Rescue Station. Besides the cost difference, it seems like focus should be on building more coastal rescue stations to unlock all the coastal missions. Even for the small cost of 50,000, the Lifeguard Post seems a bit of a waste of credits.

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