New Building type: Public Works

  • Public work buildings could cost from 30k (Small) to 70k (Large) they would both start with 10 employees, and zero vehicles. Small stations would have a max of 6 vehicles, while large would have a max of 40. Small stations would only be able to have 1 expansion.
    They could have the following expansions: Snow Plowing, Natural Gas, Water, Power, and Towing. (Each expansion would take 24 hours, and would cost 10k each)

    Snowplowing: Could have 2 vehicles: Pickup Snowplow (5K) Dumptruck snowplow (15k) The names and prices could be changed.

    Snow plows would be used on Snow plow missions, and winter missions when you have the expansion ready. Some missions could be: Clear Narrow Road, takes 1 hour, requires 1 Small snow plow. Other missions could be with POIs, such as clearing hospital parking lots, or Clearing highways.

    Gas company: Could have the following vehicles: Utility truck (10k), HAZMAT truck. (20k)

    Gas trucks would respond to some fires from Chimney fires to industrial or commercial fires, and especially gas leak calls. They would act similarly to fire investigators.

    The HAZMAT truck would function as a Utility truck and a HAZMAT truck. Just another option for more HAZMAT abilities.

    Water Company: Utility Truck (10k), Tanker truck? (17k)
    I am not sure what this could be used for, but it would be handy for the Water Main Burst, they can shut off pipelines and the tanker can help the fire department with water,

    Power: Utility Truck (10k) Boom Truck (15k)
    Power trucks can respond to any power-related calls, they can either make the calls go quicker or take care of the job entirely.

    Boom truck would function as a Power truck and a Platform truck.

    Towing: Roadside Assistance Truck (5k) Small Flatbed (10k) Large Flatbed (15k) Mini Wrecker (5k) Heavy Wrecker (25k) Turntable (50k)
    Towing vehicles can go to vehicle accident calls, with most just requiring a basic tow truck (Flatbeds, Mini Wrecker) Car crashes could require multiple tow trucks if you have the expansion built.

    Small flatbeds can tow 1 car, Large flatbeds can tow 2 cars. Wreckers can tow 1 car or semi-truck. Heavy Wrecker and Turntable both function as heavy rescues. Turntable trucks can respond to off-road accidents or function as a normal tow truck. Roadside assistance trucks would be able to repair any broken down vehicle, and may be able to take the place of police cars in certain missions.

    Please send comments, and If you have questions let me know. I have had this idea for a while, so I wanted to finally share it.

  • While they may not be dispatched by 911, IRL they do respond to certain calls, Gas company vehicles and power company vehicles often respond to fires in my area. Some calls can only be accessed by emergency services if a snow plow clears the way.

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