[UK] SAR Update Improvements

  • The new UK SAR update is pretty awesome, definitely worth the wait, however there are a couple of features I thought would finesse it:

    Trailers and towing vehicles operating in the same way as PMs and modules in terms of dispatching, leaving trailers at scene and graphics?: I think the way PMs and modules work in the game is fantastic, particularly in regards to the application of graphics and the way units are presented in dispatch menus, hence my surprise when this system wasn't copied over for boat trailers and towing vehicles. If the current boat trailer dispatch and graphic was changed to match the module system, then this would certainly tidy the feature up with a better presented and easier-to-follow dispatch list, and a far nicer graphic look rather than some 4x4 graphic with a random trailer pasted over the top of it making its own way to a call.

    Adding the hovercraft extension to fire stations: In the same way some fire stations have water rescue units, and therefore rightly can have technical rescue extensions, they should also be able to have a hovercraft extension. Hovercrafts in the UK aren't exclusive to lifeboat stations, Avon F&R and Merseyside F&R are a couple of example services that have hovercrafts, so it would be nice to see this extension made available for large fire stations?

    Adding rescue boat units for fire services: instead of having a towed trailer, some fire services have appliances that carry the boat themselves, slightly similar to how hovercrafts have their own transporters. The examples that spring to my mind are Avon Fire's 'rescue boat units' based at Bath and Bedminster. This would be a nice additional unit unique to the technical rescue extensions on fire stations, potentially a unit that can be unlocked at a higher rank? more expensive than the trailer? It would mean there is a non-trailer unit that can respond to water rescue missions.

    I hope these suggestions are interesting and worth enough to perhaps have some sway in future updates. I appreciate my suggestions are all based around the features being further integrated into the fire stations, but it would be nice to hear some thoughts and opinions. I believe the bar was set high by the fire service module update, and with SAR being a completely new dimension for the game, there was always going to be teething issues.

  • To break down your post.

    1: I have asked about this previously and the devs are going to look into it.

    2: This is possibly an option in a later fire update.

    3: This is the plan, we just wanted to add boat trailers in to give a basic level in the search and rescue update. In the future there will be a more comprehensive fire water rescue update with multiple types of vehicle

  • This sounds excellent, I look forward to seeing this in the future.

    Many thanks for the response :)

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