Air Ambulance to count as Ambulance

  • Hi all,

    Just a thought... I've noticed Air Ambulances don't count as Ambulances on the Australian server, unlike the American server where they do. I think it would be a good idea to count Air Ambulance as Ambulances, especially when you consider how remote rural Australia can be. I'm using Royal Flying Doctor Service as Air Ambulances, and flying to remote towns where they meet Intensive Care cars to transport patients to towns & cities. I think it'd be a lot more realistic to therefore count Air Ambulances as Ambulances, instead of then having to send both, and waiting hours in some cases for land Ambulances to arrive.



  • Truth be told the US version is not setup accurately, in where generally when an Air Ambulance is attending to a scene, you'll generally almost always have a land ambulance or paramedic land-vehicle (ambulance, 4x4, truck etc) responding to the scene.

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