Learning the UK Emergency Management System

  • Looking to return to the game after a Hiatus, and likely planning on playing the UK version this time, instead of continue my US account. I've spent most of my life stateside, and in my limited time abroad have only visited the UK for work and tourism. That said - what's a good place to dip my toes into the UK system, and learn the units and how the game operates on this server, and what's a good alliance who can help educate me and that would be in that area to help out!


  • I’m biased because I’ve been playing the same area for 6+ years now, but I think the Bristol area (south west) is a great start. If you want to play realistically then there’s a wide variety of units based in that area, and it benefits from multiple services in a very small area from coastguard and lifeboats to police air support, air ambulance, specialist paramedic teams, British transport police, ministry of defence police and civil nuclear constabulary, as well as the local police, fire, ambulance and search and rescue teams.

    My alliance is constantly recruiting and the bulk of our members have a setup in the area so are well-placed to help you set up. Our only restriction is that you place buildings in realistic locations and name things sensibly - other than that, go wild with your fleet / expansions / training etc. We have free training courses too. Our alliance is 999 Joint Control :)

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