ARR addition

  • For missions that need rescue capability, which can be provided by Fire, SES and Ambulance, there should be a section in the ARR menu that selects the closest Rescue capability, be it Fire, SES or Ambo. Otherwise, the current Fire, SES and Ambo categories need to be changed so that requesting Rescue in any of the above sections will pick the closest unit of any of the 3. This is already the case for pump capacity under SES, it will request the closest unit(s) that can provide the required pumping

  • Adding that there should be something as well that allows for MCVs to be dispatched if there is one closer than a Support Vehicle, as MCVs will fill that role, rather than having to select one or the other in the ARR menu, unless I'm missing something

  • It appears that the Rescue request has been actioned, however, the MCV/Support request hasn't. This one is probably a fairly useful addition, as having to pick between one or the other is annoying if you have a mix of both. There should definitely still be separate categories for them both, but there should be a third option to make it select the closest unit(s) of both of them

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