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    OK! So Stop the mission after the patient has been transfered to hospital then!!! There is no need for frurther units to attend as there is no longer anybody to RESCUE! Currently the missions continue until ALL REQUIRED UNITS are in attendance! what I'm saying is either End the mission when the patient is transfered or wait until ALL required units are on site before treating Patient!

    Sure, fair comment.

    In real life if someone is stuck on a high voltage mast or stuck in a tree that could trigger a response from a technical rescue team which is most likely not the first in units, probably coming from farther away. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the first arriving units, especially if one is a ladder could get the person down and they could be loaded up and transported before the arrival of the technical rescue team

    I think it’s very unrealistic for a tanker/tender to respond to a highrise fire. Most depts that have high rises do not have tankers anywhere near the highrise district.

    In the game I have adapted by making the “High rise unit” a Tanker

    I still think something that would help with this is the ability to turn off individual POI. Right now it helps to have the setting that you can use other people POI instead of having to create them all yourself, but when someone has one that is totally wrong you should be able to turn that one off. I get ship fires in the middle of my city. And runway events nowhere near an airport.

    So with that said, are you saying those equipment items should be running on pickup trucks and only for natural disasters, not first out units? I have all of my quints equipped with the rescue equipment currently and was looking to add the light and generator to them.

    I’m not saying you SHOULD do anything. You run your game however you want! All I am saying is the way I see it this equipment is more like on a utility for a disaster response. That’s how I view it in real life. If you view it different that’s totally fine. Part of the beauty of this game is I’ll play my game you play your game and we can both be right!!

    I play in Los Angeles County. Alot of the quints carry the flood, light and generator equipment. I'd like for that to be added to the list of vehicles the flood, light and generator equipment can be added to!

    I don’t see this as the point of the equipment expansions. You are correct that many quints carry scene lights and have onboard generators etc. However I think the point of the equipment expansions is more for in the sense of a natural disaster, a generator trailer or one transported in a vehicle to stay in a location for a major disaster, that is now what the onboard generator on fire apparatus is used for.

    I know it would be nice if the units you already have could carry more equipment but I don’t think that is what the expansions are for realism wise. Just my 2 cents

    Hey everyone, sorry if there is already a thread like this.

    I am slowly making all my ladder companies carry heavy rescue equipment, mostly because in real life they have extrication equipment. Currently I use Utility units for some of the ladder company second pieces or as collapse rescue units. My understanding is that a utility unit is basically the same as a heavy Rescue (feel free to explain the difference if there is one) so my question is, is there any reason or advantage to put heavy Rescue equipment on a utility unit?

    Try using the own vehicle catergory tabs, for example I have Safety Officers, I renamed their catergory to LAC SO and I can add them to a mission in the ARR tab via their own catergory

    I do, do that but where it gets hard is the special units that are transported by other units. The collapse rescues are either transported by a rescue or ladder company. Now some will say just make a custom group, but that doesn't always work when the Rescue is returning from another mission and gets picked up for the new mission but the Collapse rescue is still back at quarters. Such is the same for HMTU, SSL, CPC, Squad Second Pieces, Satellite units, foam units. I made it work but it is not as easy as just making an AAR or a group or click click, there is still some searching for the right unit that happens

    Yes I have done it for FDNY. Doesn’t work 100% with all the special units but it’s better then searching for every unit

    Yes I know that but a vehicle in a 4 platoon dept should have 4 drivers and 4 officers. There is no way to have enough people assigned to the vehicle to have all 4 shifts (for realism) but only have one driver and one officer. It could fill it with 4 drivers. Or 4 officers or none at all. It’s random who gets chosen.

    I am not buying 4 of every type of unit for every one unit so I can have shifts. I make do just letting it be the way it is. I am just saying it would be nice if there was a way to assign staff to a shift. Would also be nice if you could assign company officers or apparatus drivers.

    Came here to ask the same thing, I also sent them a message in the game with no reply. Perhaps they are not playing anymore, its too bad they had great graphics

    I just purchased the storage and the equipment for a Ladder company on my set up. Is there any way that this can be changed that it can be placed on the unit permanently? I have over 100 ladder companies that I want to eventually add this to for realism, but to have to add the equipment for every call is very counter-productive.

    Correct - I'm not disagreeing with your assessment of what happens when a firefighter is missing, lost or requires extrication. However a firefighter down doesn't mean the firefighter is always missing, lost, or requiring extrication - it includes being injured on calls.

    For example, say two firefighters suffer chemical burns at a warehouse fire but everything else is going according to the IC's plan- an additional alarm would not be called for (you'd definitely get a safety officer if they weren't already present, medics, a replacement company and possibly a few more support companies).

    My original point was you would need two call levels, one for an injured firefighter and another for one with floor/roof collapse,

    Ok, I didn't mention an injured or burned firefighter, while those could also be missions, I mentioned a DOWNED firefighter. Meaning a situation that a MAYDAY would be declared and the downed firefighter would require some form of extrication by other firefighters.

    Here is what the FDNY assigns for a missing, lost, or trapped member:

    • 10-66 Missing, lost, trapped, or seriously injured member requiring extrication (Increases response by transmission of the next higher alarm, 1 additional deputy chief, 2 battalion chiefs, the collapse unit from the borough of incident, a collapse rescue task force, an additional squad, a SOC Support ladder, a FAST unit, a CFR-D engine, SOC Logistics support van, SOC Compressor truck, SOC Dewatering unit, Public Information officer, EMS division captain, EMS Haz-Tac officer, a BLS ambulance, an ALS ambulance, an EMS Rescue Paramedic ambulance, OMA response physician and a medical officer.) If the cause of the 10-66 is due to a collapse, a signal 10-60 also must be transmitted.

      If due to collapse this is also assigned:
    • 10-60 Major Emergency Response (e.g. collapse of a private dwelling, derailment of a subway car)
    • 5 Engine Companies
    • 3 Ladder Companies
    • 4 Battalion Chiefs
    • 1 Deputy Chief
    • 1 FAST Unit
    • 1 Rescue Task Force - which includes 1 Rescue Co., 1 Collapse Rescue, 1 Squad Co. w 2nd Piece
    • 1 SOC Support Ladder (When a Collapse Rescue is transported by a SSL, no additional SSL is required)
    • 1 Haz-Tac Officer
    • 1 Rescue Paramedic Unit
    • 1 Additional Rescue Co.
    • Rescue Battalion
    • Safety Battalion
    • 1 Tactical Support Unit
    • SOC Logistics Support Unit
    • SOC Compressor Unit
    • Con Edison Vacuum Truck
    • Haz-Mat Battalion
    • Haz-Mat Company #1
    • Haz-Mat Technician Engine Company
    • Communication Unit
    • Field Communications Unit
    • Recuperation and Care (RAC) Unit
    • Public Information Officer

      info from

    Credits and resources seem a little high compared to the officer down call for just a basic firefighter down. Perhaps 3x Engine, 1x Heavy Rescue, 1x Ladder & 1x Battalion Chief and around 2,200 credits (as a follow-up mission to any structure fire) for a basic firefighter down and then your proposed mission could be a Roof/Floor Collapse with Firefighter Down.

    Well a firefighter down is a very intensive mission to rescue a downed firefighter. Perhaps the downed cop mission should need more people or difference resources?

    This game needs more big missions to suit people that are building big departments with many resources

    Not-Uncommon for a department to send a whole additional alarm assignment when there is a firefighter mayday. Easily 6-7 more units and 25 more personal are dispatched.