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    I'd like to request a way to view staff statistics such as time active, thebuildings built, courses posted, users accepted/denied to alliance and number of messages sent to alliance boards. This should be available in stats for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and available where you can select two dates yourself to view stats between those dates. These logs/reports should be available for up to 24 months after the fact. You should also be able to export the stats for offline storage and review. This could be in the form of a CSV or JSON.

    Alliance buildings built, courses posted, users accepted/denied to alliance can all be found in the Protocol if you have the "view moderator action log" profile as part of your role.
    All member activity would be nice to have, especically those who arent contributing to the alliance so you dont know when they were last active if you have a large ish alliance nor how much they have grown that day / week / month.

    hiding the map and disabling anything on the map (vehicle routes, buildings, missions, POIs) helps a lot.

    We shouldnt need to hide everything, it is there to aid us with the game.
    Double credits again today which is appreciated and the game is seriously lagging already.
    I and others have noticed the lag in the game has got worse on a "normal" day as it is.
    Are there any plans to do any work on the servers / adding more etc, I have played for 4yrs and this has to be the worst it has been in that time from memory. MissionChief-Team

    Can someone tell me at what point the specialised stations become more expensive, I didnt take note as the cost went up in my set up.

    I am trying to help my alliance from an awareness point of view.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks gorilla I have been cautious handing the staff perm out in case it affected the alliance in some way.

    Knowing it is safe to hand out I can give it out to the advisor team I have.
    Thanks for the reply :)

    Noticed the new role of Alliance Staff has been added.

    This is great but could we have it so that any player with it is highlighted in chat, that's all I feel would be needed from it.

    At what level within the alliance is Alliance Staff pitched at and what perms does this function / not allow? TACRfan

    Can we get a way to space out the ARR's in a dispatch screen, or even make the "Available Units" panel smaller to prevent the first image?

    I play with the Extended Alarm and Response Regulations in the alarm window turned off to prevent having to scroll through all of the ARR's to get to the unit selection. (2nd image)

    I play on the UK but as others have said to use the extended window. I have also use shorter names for descriptions and remove all ARR's that require one unit

    With the introduction of the large police depot players can now more accurately replicate larger custody suites. As such would it be possible to add the ability to delete cells once built; this would enable those who want to play realistically to delete cells at police stations they were using and move over to more realistic replications using the police depots which can feature more cells?

    Also, are we going to be able to share the cells in the new depots?

    Guys let’s be fair here. I went with a whole list of changes, all will be looked at, some can be rolled out now some need to be tested and that can’t be done in two days. I get that you want to see various changes but at least we are making progress


    Thank you for your support and listening to us and taking our suggestions to the DEV's.


    Should the Police Depot cells be shareable like standard station cells as I see no option to share with my alliance?

    Since I joined this alliance, I have not been able to use the alliance hospitals or alliance member hospitals. I have (I think) checked for all the settings that might affect this, but to no avail. They guys have ensured their hospitals and the alliance hospitals are set to receive patients from alliance members. I think it's an operator error, something I did is preventing me from seeing them on the list. If it matters, this has been happening when my helos fly to their location and pick up patients. It's too far to drive an ambulance to.

    Open to any suggestions.

    A daft question, have you set your travel distance to no limits as you may be too far on the current distance setting?

    I have not seen any 2X event announced from the MC side. I talked to some people who would have that knowledge and they aren’t aware of any 2X event.

    It was announced on MC Facebook page but is now up and running in the UK.