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    Honestly a scheduling option would be amazing, I think most alliances do training rotas. Atleast from my experience, anyway.

    Having a way to set a school to do training on the same day every week would be nice. Only issue could be the police aviation having to be excluded from this due to the fact they run over a week each.

    Small suggestion for a quick change.. There's two ARR categories.

    "Armed Response Vehicle"

    "Armed Response Vehicle (ARV)"

    I believe the first should be for any Armed Response Vehicle, and the second for the specific unit.

    Could the first be changed to "any Armed Response Vehicle" like the other ARR categories such as "any police car" etc.? I've noticed it causing confusion to a few people.

    The biggest issue I find is I never new you could make categories, and when I did I still don't fully understand how to make them properly

    Add the ExtendedCallWindow module.
    Go to settings -> Extended Alarm Window

    Scroll down, enable "Vehicle Categories".

    Green + for a new category, or just type in the box to modify what's in the existing categories.

    The devs will never please everyone with things like this. However, most people don't care about the sorting.

    If people care that much, they should use LSSM (should use it anyway), and use the ECW setting to customise and create own categories there.

    Plus, most people use ARRs anyway, so don't look at the mission list.

    Y'all blew this up, and threatening to not support the game anymore is just, quite frankly, an over reaction. I'd rather devs focus on adding content, creating features etc., then going back and forth satisfying people on where vehicles should be. Use LSSM/ARRs, simple.

    In fact, you already stated in the LSSM Discord that you already use the custom categories to move the rescue pumps, so again, are just over reacting for exactly zero reason.

    Hey, the new calls (form what I noticed) you dont really see till a few weeks letter e.g i when the stabbing call was first added i never got any but after a few weeks I get about 3 per day

    We got some on the same day in my alliance. Just luck based I guess.

    I think we're all well aware of what TACR does for us & greatly appreciate it! I've not seen anyone attack TACR or blame him- If they have then they're wrong to do so.

    If the content advisors are coming onto the forums and thinking "Wow this isnt how I planned", then that goes to show exactly where the issue lies, with the devs. As far as I've seen with every update, the advisors are suggesting and requesting things pretty much spot on. It's a shame that isn't how it gets implemented. What the advisors do has always been good enough, and none of the feedback/complaints/requests are aimed at them :). Greatly appreciate their work, as well as them acting as an intermediary between us and the developers, it really helps.

    Also, thank you again to the Devs for listening to feedback this time! Hopefully this is a sign of things improving going forwards.

    Tldr; We have no issue with the content advisors and thank & appreciate them greatly! :)

    Hi. So in my area PSU is not always located at one station and the vehicles are mostly spread across the forces area with some stations only having one vehicle. Would this mean that every single station that I wanted to just put a regular carrier at would need to have the expansion or is there any way around this? If not I suppose I’ll just only have them at the stations where there is multiple

    You'd need the extention in each.

    Guys let’s be fair here. I went with a whole list of changes, all will be looked at, some can be rolled out now some need to be tested and that can’t be done in two days. I get that you want to see various changes but at least we are making progress

    Yeah that's why I just asked if there was any update on if they're planned or not - Totally understandable that it's not all done right away, but just like to see the outlook for the future! :)

    Thank you for listening to us and making these changes.

    Any updates on the following, I understand Easter is coming up and some of these changes will take more time, but an update on if they're going to be worked on will be nice!

    Allow the transfer of personnel between police stations, police helicopter bases and police depots

    Add ARR category for sergeants and inspectors

    Increase mission pay out, at least double, triple for the largest missions.

    Change log with future updates

    Make it so level 1 counts as level 2 in the same way as how fire command unit counts as fire officer

    I’m not sure I understand how the game is making level 2 the highest, please let me know. You are right though 1 should be the highest so it will be changed if that’s the case 👍 The reason level 3 wasn’t included is we saw it as a base level training that people shouldn’t have to do. The same way driver training, BA training etc is not a thing.

    My be missing something but it seems level 1 is the highest in-game? Looking at the new missions, there's 2 variations.

    The lower paying variation requires level 2, higher paying variation requires both.…e/449?additive_overlays=a

    Thanks for passing all these on! Good suggestions, hopefully the devs listen and implement some, if not all, of these.

    1st off there's a limit for a reason, interns of the game balancing as you say it does the job of 4 IRVs so obviously it's gonna need to be limited. If you don't like the limit don't use it.

    To a previous post of yours the carriers they aren't overpowered, the missions require a massive amount of staff so it makes sense to allow players to have a larger van, not to mention these units are used everywhere in the UK.

    It's equivalent of 4x IRVs, yet you can have 50 IRVs in a large depot. So why is the limit 1/station? That's all I've asked. I could see the limit making more sense at, say 4 or 5, (around a full normal station of IRVs).
    There's no real benefit over IRVs - It's 2 less staff (2 vs 4). But, you need a large station, 100k expansion, and 7 day wait.

    I'm not saying the carriers are overpowered, but they're more powerful than the vans.

    Detention vans are also used, in multiple, all over the UK. Yes, the 4 cell ones.

    Anyway I'm going to stop debating with random people now, interested to see if anyone who has any power has an actual reason for the limit being so low, as intended by my original post.

    It's an optional unit, same as CFR / Co-Responder / RRV / GP etc... I really don't see why you feel the need to kick up such a fuss. You don't have to use it if you don't want to, and since you keep stating you don't care about realism in your setup then I suppose it's really quite a trivial matter to you? What exactly is the problem??

    I didn't really kick up a fuss, I've asked a question. Y'all are so sensitive, lmao. This is a thread to talk, question, and make suggestions about the new update, and that's exactly what I did. The closest thing there's been to a “fuss” is me saying that “Don't use it" is a stupid response, which it is, it's a response designed to dismiss what people are saying, and attempt to invalidate their points.

    I want to use it, nothing I've said demerits the purpose of the unit, at all.

    I don't care about realism, correct. However, that shouldn't stop me from being able to ask questions, make suggestions, and shouldn't stop me from using units.

    The problem is, there's a limit, which I find to be unreasonable, for 5 different points that I've laid out. As such, I find this is unnecessarily limiting the gameplay, as do others that I've spoken to.

    The way I see it, is there are two ways to look at it. Either everyone gets a limit, that only some people want. Or, no one gets a limit, that some people want.

    If option A; Then those who want to play with a limit are happy, those who want to play without the limit, can't. One side is unhappy.

    If option B; Then those who want to play with a limit can put one upon themselves, and are happy. Those who want to play without the limit, are happy.

    Clearly, there's one solution that makes more sense, one that lets everyone be happy and play how they want to.


    Unrelated, but dont want to double post.

    Large depots should have 450 max staff, instead of the normal 300. 50 vehicles, with max of 9 staff each.

    Cool, stop complaining then. Not going to keep going back and fourth with you on this conversation because you're not worth my time. Enjoy the update.

    You chose to respond and get involved, I asked a question to the game devs/community team over the limit, and have since gave reasons why I don't think the limit makes sense. Have a nice night :)

    Just to sum everything up:

    The limit being set at 1/station makes no sense for a few reasons:

    - Not everyone wants to play realistic
    - The van is basically the equivalent of 4x IRV
    - It's approximately the same cost as 4x IRV
    - It's less powerful than the new multi-carriers for DSU and Armed Response (which dont have limits)

    - Some IRL stations if they have these, have multiple. Eg one of the Met stations have 5 available per shift.

    I don't think it's more to do with realism but more the fact that it transports a large amount of prisoners. It's like they would also would add a Large Ambulance that treats 4 patients... It's the fact it transports in bulk I think it the main reason why it's limited.

    Refer to my point on the costs - From a base situation, 4x IRV is easier to get in a station than 1x Detention van. Costs the same from base level. There isn't a really "major" benefit to one unit doing 4 transports at once, not one to warrant limiting to 1/station.

    It's a more powerful unit being able to carry 4 prisoners so it makes sense to limit the amount of one's purchased.

    If you want to play realistic, yes. However, most people don't.

    I understand keeping units and what's added to the game more realistic, of course not going to just add a stupid unit that doesn't exist IRL.

    I don't understand making limits like this. It's easy to send 4 IRVs to a job (50k for small station, 160k for 3 expansions, 20k for 3 IRVs.. 230k total.). Yet, the vans cost 100k for station + 100k for expansion (& 7 day wait) + 26k for the unit, 226k total (subsequent ones in each station will cost more as theres the expansion cost).

    They're equally priced almost if going from a base station, not even that powerful considering how easy&cheap it is to get IRVs.

    If people want to play realistically, with these limits, then they can, the same way people play realistic with station placements. Should be optional, though.