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    Also in creating LSMs, there's no option for the new units (besides mounted), would be nice if there was requirements for inspector/medic/PO/sergeant.

    Yes I do agree around adding them into other missions as regular used in other missions. Hopefully something which can be added.

    Guys let’s be fair here. I went with a whole list of changes, all will be looked at, some can be rolled out now some need to be tested and that can’t be done in two days. I get that you want to see various changes but at least we are making progress

    Yes I definitely agree least they are looking at the changes and looking to make amendments. Much appreciated. 👍

    Thank you hopefully they will be able to work out the issue soon. Quite annoying. Lol

    All sorted. Much better. Lol

    its limited for the same reason Mass Casualty is, irl you wont have 1 per 20 stations, probably more, but they carry 4 prisoners so limit 1/station isn't too bad really. And I'm not gonna bother to continue arguing.

    On a unrelated note, I was wondering if it was possible to update the Large Public Disturbance call to have public order/sgts/insp needed.

    And do the new Carriers count as police cars?

    Try to look at your map filters, and see if it is unchecked for large police depot

    Hi I’ve checked that it’s not showing on there either.

    Yes can’t wait and looking forward to the police public order.

    I do agree devs do a great job and work hard and try there best to fit the updates for individual countries which I agree with and think makes it better.

    Yes it's still police and AU didn't have a update since June Last Year so almost 8 months with out a CP soo they needed it more then we do we literally just had a 16 unit I suspect MCUS will be next as there's was October but the devs will push the update when it's ready however I would like. A update on what is even the CP based around on because we know police but that's about it

    Thank u

    Yes I know devs work very hard and AU was due one. I wasn’t saying on when it was coming or how long it is taking as I know the devs work very hard. But am looking forward too seeing it.

    Good afternoon

    Does anyone know if the uk version is the next one due to get a update and if it is still going to be police.

    I know Australia version was next and noticed there’s have been released.

    I know u can’t say when it will be.

    Think that would be a great addition to the game. Yes would be really good to see. :thumbup: