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    I wont be including this in the pack as its already with the devs but a solution i came up with is something called a range booster (Maybe it could have a more fitting name for the game like radio mast). These would be like a dispatch centre and free to build (with no limit) and would spawn calls around them depending on the stations assigned to the dispatch centre and what POI's are within its range. They also wouldnt count as additional stations nor would you be able to buy units at them.

    Yeah wasn’t expecting you too, that’s more what I was suggesting and was in the process of thinking that would work especially since “radio” extenders are common especially in big cities. Glad someone kinda agrees or has an idea that could work. Thanks so much!

    A big issue I see with this is falls spawning 10s of kms away and the missions spawning on water is already a problem with this it will be 10x worse I think it is reasonable they way it is

    Okay great point with the water issue, but my second proposal I might have mentioned on the US form is to have the PIOs assigned to the dispatch center I am gonna be kind but if no one sees where I am coming from then okay they don’t but in all seriousness you will see below that most my POIs aren’t covered and the ones that do don’t generate any calls once so ever (which I wonder why and those tend to be big payouts and or requirements for mission Monday’s). I can’t over lap easily but this way might make it easier to see anyways, but I do see where your coming from and agree but there’s got to be the some way to make POIs more useful and actually work.

    Not necessarily, my hospital has a EMS station they could very easily move it somewhere else and it’s a private company (maybe) so yeah it could really actually depend on some clinics might have an EMS station as part of there system and what if they no longer need so many ambulances or need that station overall? As for the fire stations that’s why I don’t worry. Also your firefighter to police example fits nothing with this.

    Can we increase or get rid of the station radius, my reasoning is and this is a suggestion but my reasoning is I have POIs and other things set up but they don’t get used because the radius doesn’t reach them. We have a ton of Forest and water systems but no stations close by like the game currently requires in fact we have three stations which in game barely covers half the area my real life stations cover (for fire (but could be included for all)). Yes I did do a station and radius analysis before I said that for my area I literally had to make some random stations to make some of the POIs and areas work. I am glad I don’t get as many random calls in the middle of a road in the city, still getting some but not as much but that’s a different thing, my suggestion increase, improve, or get rid of station radius for POIs.

    I would say I agree and like this idea, however I am already down apparatus and most of mine are already at the 10,000 to 100,000 mile range (which real life is the time frame of equipment vehicle check ups I am pretty sure) and I don’t want to buy apparatus barely used besides maybe once every 3-12 months, at that point adding the ability to sell stations and vehicles which has came up many times so I won’t go into it would also seem like a good idea to add. That’s why I have to surprisingly disagree. Sorry to add to this after a month but since someone else opened it up I thought I would just add my opinion though it seems to be settled.

    I have a ton to say but I will say very little, why can’t we switch vehicles and staff between clinics and EMS stations? I have a clinic as it was cheaper to build separate with a couple vehicles and an EMS station separate until I got a hospital, but now that I have a hospital I don’t need the clinic but I don’t want to get rid of it as they have staff and vehicles that I need and can use, since they are both EMS seems like it would be good to be able to switch them. I am also not sure why hospitals don’t come with EMS but that isn’t an issue. I kinda understand not being able to swap ambulances from a fire station with a clinic or EMS station but that also seems like it would make since for being able to.

    "should be" "could be".... While I have some concerns about the way some units are used or labeled or where they are in terms of TABS in the response window, I understand that there are literally 1000's of fire departments across the world (27,000+ in just the US Registry). With that being said, the developers can not cover ever single aspect that is different in each department and they miss some stuff. I get that it concerns us but they can not meet all our demands/requests/wishes

    Apparently you missed the part or maybe I am just dumb as you claimed I am pretty much, I said it’s not as big of an issue, then I went on to give an example not saying that’s how it had to be and that I wanted it and what not, you know I am done being abused, and harassed on here, I won’t post anymore if only I can find a way to delete this account on the board.

    I guess they can't remember to address every single issue that come up...every little nook and cranny. You can dispatch any unit from any of your facilities on any call.. It just will not impact the outcome of the incident unless it is required. I see no issue with the boats... just gotta live with it until they revise again.

    Okay not as big of an issue, probably the only annoying thing is the fact there’s one without a trailer, should be one with a trailer, or on a police vehicle (NYPD ESU have a couple that have that), also simple putting it in its own tab or in the water tab, for people who have dyslexia like me and who even with color codes get confused but want to play realistic especially if there’s alliances who have rules against stuff like that it would be really helpful. But I am not smart and no nothing about the emergency services according to a ton of people.

    I find it odd that patrol boats is under police tab, it should be under water I feel, or have a police water tab and a fire water tab, also odd patrol boats can be dispatched to non water related calls same honestly with SWR boats not including heavy rescue with boat, that doesn’t make since, as for the patrol boats, I have a couple as our sheriffs department has one on a trailer, is there anyway to work around that, I just find it odd a patrol boat not on a trailer or near water can be dispatched, simple fix of adding the option of police boat with trailer giving the option of any police vehicle to tow it then. Thoughts on it?

    There likely is no timeline available currently as the Devs very rarely give any indication of when they will update existing features or add new ones. There's no confirmation either that what you're asking for is definitely going to happen at all.

    Those devs are smart, so it’s a good thing I haven’t been saving up credits. Would be nice to know so I could start saving up again but all that you mentioned does make since.

    I have two plane stations with all required equipment and 2 lifeguard stations with all required vehicles and between all 4 of them have 73 people trained to all the levels available and I still spawn no missions

    Don’t know why I am surprise to be saying this, thanks but that’s not what I meant for question two, while that’s kinda part of it, weren’t they gonna lower or get rid of the rank requirement for lifeguard? If so I hope the price is reasonable or at the very least have the coastal rescue station not require a rank but have the other ones do, if they are thinking of getting rid of the rank as it sounded like they were I was wondering if there was a timeline of when that would happen approximately. Thanks again for your answer.

    2 - Certain missions require specific POIs to be spawned. The POIs do have to be within the spawn radius of a station.

    3 - Make sure you have "create own coverage area" enabled in your dispatch centre settings. This then makes it so that it only takes into account that dispatch centres stations.

    Thanks Scotty, both were helpful so POIs are useless unless they are in radius, is there anyway I can change that? Some of them would be dumb for my to build a station were there isn’t even one IRL just to get calls, it would make more since to have the ability to connect POIs to dispatch or connect them to a station or stations I know that could cause issues but if people want to play the game to an all extreme for small players… like me… that’s really the only way around it and no better ways I get having a radius limit for non POI calls but for POI calls not really. Whitchit thanks for your answer as well that explanation made it easier to find.

    I have two wonderful questions that I have put off asking as people really don’t like me but no one else knows the answer. I have no idea the right thread to put this in and covers multiple questions in one better then spamming though. Sorry it’s long but these are all legit questions and after these are answered no one will have to hear from me for another while. Thanks!

    1. When is the coastal update gonna have the update of no rank approximately? Will the prices be lowered?

    2. POIs are those helpful or no and does it have to be within a certain range of a station to spawn calls? I ask because I have a ton yet not even half including those in range of stations spawn calls and I have more then enough stations for certain calls with POIs according to the possible call list which I don’t even get half of those calls.

    3. Okay last question, some of my stations spawn large calls that shouldn’t be spawned because there’s only one station close by, I have three different dispatch centers and the main one is set as primary they are in three different states that would take three IRL days or more to drive to should that issue me happening? Example I got a call for an area that has a dispatch center with one fire station but the call requires usually three fire stations, another dispatch center has 25 fire stations 8 ambulance stations and 15 police stations, the third dispatch center has one fire station, one police station, and one ambulance station and I don’t have a premium account, are calls spawned by overall station count or by count of the dispatch center because of spawned by count of the dispatch center then some calls don’t make since, if spawned by overall count as a player is there anyway to make it spawn based on only the count of the dispatch centers? It’s kinda annoying and hard.:thumbup::?:

    I get a ton of calls, could just be my planning errors but most my calls are big and require much extra support units sometimes sending a unit back to back calls having something to cover that station and send to a call to start would be helpful especially so I don’t have to wait 20 minutes. My issue tends to be I get a call, all units from one station is out, no other is closer then 15 minutes those units are already scheduled to go straight to another call, a third or maybe fourth call comes in to that area still no units available, do I really want to wait what could be + or - 15 minutes about where from start I could have had someone down there. But hay you also have great points.

    Not asking you to read every page, you can search phrases in the forums.

    And I disagree, not everything on the UK version should be in the US version.

    The versions need to be different to reflect how each country is.

    Have done that, easier to read every page, also there’s a reason I said “some” then mistakenly put “most”

    Brah I have disabilities that’s how I think and if that’s how I come across then… there’s really no way to fix disunities, totally better in person, wouldn’t be surprised if I get banned any time soon. There’s a reason why I complain to support via emails all the time and block people a lot cause they can’t take people like me who don’t try to but end up anyways.