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    Let me know if its an isolated incident and rectifies itself or not. I can't bring it to the devs attention until late Monday afternoon as they're not generally online over the weekend.

    So to avoid "offending" anyone and inadvertently breaking some unwritten rule about older posts, i have consolidated the suggestions thus far. Feel free to continue to make your suggestions in new posts as there is now an active content team who meet regularly to discuss and facilitate content changes / inception.

    Australian Federal Police content
    Dignitary Protection should have a motorcycle component
    Make SES more realistic ( work in progress)
    Wildfire dedicated stations
    Inactive Alliance indicator
    Distances Shown in follow up mode
    Follow up units applied when using ARR's
    Make payouts more comparable across all platforms
    Translate the server down message to english
    Fix the "lag" when transporting prisoners
    Create HAZMAT pumpers and HAZMAT / BASU combinations

    They've found the issue and are working on it. Being im in Australia and its almost midnight i'll be signing off shortly. Hopefully it'll be fixed shortly.

    I have always said I will be upfront and honest with the community and I definitely have been here as I told you what the missions were supposed to pay etc because I’m not going to BS the community and make up excuses when I told them this is what exactly was going to happen.

    I enjoy making these updates, I’m a player of the game myself so I know what I’d like from an update. It’s just so frustrating that the devs won’t seem to acknowledge that if they added the content the way we say, players will be happy which will ramp up coin sales because people will get more involved in the game etc so it’s better for everyone. I’m not sure why it’s always such a fight to get it the way it should be.

    I will try and get all the changes done and it as close to what was originally proposed as I can. The last thing I do or want to do is quit, I like to fight to the end, but this is starting to take its toll as it’s not fair on the community, not fair on my team, and not fair on me.

    I understand how you feel after spending many many hours coming up with content for the AU platform. I wrote 32 missions ( including expansions to more high risk missions), they used around 8! I have been fielding messages all day as to why the UK content release is so much better than the AU one because on the face of it you guys got so much more. We didnt get new buildings, we got one extra course and a few new vehicles. But i do get how frustrating it is to not have your vision realised.

    As i said in my other post where you complained. There is no end game here, its not about how fast you can get things done and it doesnt matter because its unending. Ive been playing since December 2019 and if there is an end i havent found it yet. Its all about putting in the hard yards, networking with your community and working together to get a job done. Eventually you will be able to cover that job by yourself. Everything wont be handed to you in the real world either unless you start at the beginning and put in the work.

    can someone tell me what the advantage is to having AAR established?

    When you have new missions being added every week its impossible to remember the requirements of any given mission and so it takes time to dispatch the correct vehicles. Having AAR's means you can readily see if you have the required vehicles available and be able to dispatch in a few clicks instead of multiple clicks.

    This game is about the slow burn and relying on your community when you start out. There is no end game here so i doesnt matter how long it takes you to get there. Is it frustrating? absolutely, but it also affords you the time to learn what you can about the game, network with other players in your location and work together to get the jobs done. Also historically shared mission will pay out more than the basic starter missions so ask that same network to share their missions so you can earn more credits so youcan build more fire stations and thus get more jobs

    I think what you're confusing with is the game will never know what real life calls actually occur. I mean i get big farm fires in the middle of a big city. There's a limit to where the realism ends. When there's 24 platforms the developers can only do so much programming the rest is up to chance.

    You're completely at the whim of the algorithm. I've ran the exact same job like 10 times ( just renamed it 1, 2,3 and so on each time) and each time the payout has differed. One was as low as 8 k and some as high a 24 k. It balances out. Just work through your list and take it as it comes.

    I guess its a matter of perspective, I'm a battalion chief with around 200 K to go to make Divisional Chief. Now i do actually play an awful lot, averaging around 7.5 hours a day. I dont pick and choose the high paying jobs, i do them in order of spawning in fact i prefer to do lots of the quicker low paying jobs because they all add up.