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    This is a bug, it needs to either be prevented from spawning without an activated HART base, or the SRV requirement needs removing

    Some Irish ones:


    National Ambulance Service

    Dublin Fire Brigade

    Dublin Airport Fire Service

    Irish Coastguard

    Irish Community Air Ambulance

    Irish Defence Force

    Irish Air Corps

    In short, I want Police, amb and fire station missions to all spawn from police stations, all from fire stations, and all from ambulance stations. Sort of the opposite of what the station specialisation does.

    I'm certain that this won't appeal to everybody, and so I would like it to be toggleable. I know currently the game counts the number of fire, police & amb stations as part of game mechanics. I have no idea if this suggestion could be implemented in a way to avoid messing with that mechanic, and also whilst avoiding another 2 or 3 duplicates of each mission with their own parameters. Something like switching to a different mission list where the missions are all identical except the code which tells them what buildings they can spawn at is removed?

    The reason I want this is simply to have my vehicles travelling further, for ambulances to respond to towns other than where they are based for example. There is always the work-around to purchase an ambulance extension on all of my fire stations, but that is ludicrously expensive with a large setup, and does not take into account small stations which already have a different expansion, or police stations.

    Please provide feedback via the poll and if you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them.

    I’m unsure whether this has been brought up, have done a bit of a search without luck. SAR helicopters can’t currently be used to transport patients from regular missions, only the ones out at sea. Is this something that could be update with the introduction of missions involving the SAR Help’s on land like difficult access rescues etc? Also would it be possible to allow them to complete patient transfers as I would like to use them to transfer from the Isles of Scilly / Lundy Island to Royal Cornwall hospital etc.

    If you take a second to google it instead of assuming you know all, you'll see it is realistic. I love that there are so many people on here who voice their interests and preferences for the game, as long as they don't disrespect the substantial effort put into the game by volunteer content advisors and the other quite reasonable and non-presumptuous suggestions of respectful members of the community.

    As for your actual suggestions, they add new missions every Monday, and there's a great thread on the US Forum for suggesting missions, which will then usually be picked up by the content advisors and passed to the devs. It's worth remembering though that the USA is a very very large country, and there are bound to be huge differences at local, regional and state levels for how often types of calls take place, what the response procedures are, the apparatus used etc and the game simply cannot replicate those differences per player geographically, so there will always be certain calls, units and mechanics which aren't going to fit your area.

    My opinion is that it's better to add more generalised and broad-reaching content first, and more specific content later down the line when most of the general stuff is covered, as this benefits the majority of players. I also think with units it's better to add new ones than change or remove existing ones, as this gives players more opportunity to create a fleet suited to them. Personally, I see no use for the ALS Engine in my setup as it currently exists, however I would definitely like to see an engine being able to act as a fly-car , perhaps with ALS trained staff as a requirement for it to do so?

    Welsh Ambulance service

    South Wales police

    Warwickshire Police

    Hi, it performs the same role as an ICCU (Fire Control Unit). Ambulance services across England (and I’m sure the rest of the UK) have at least 1 to my knowledge and are just an alternate version for realism which can be based at any amb or HART station

    *EDIT* didn’t realise this post was for Aus, but presumably it still more or less applies as a “duplicate of fire service control unit” for purchase in amb stations.

    Sorry for reviving this post a little bit here. Indeed this unit seems a little inactive especially early into setting up my emergency services. Wondering at what point traffic police becomes required, or will it always be optional.


    If a thread is this old, make a new one and link the older one instead of bumping an old thread. Traffic cars are required for a number of larger missions, which also require a certain number of police, amb and fire stations, or POIs, expansions such as Mass Casualty and the pursuit mission also requires a police helicopter.

    in the met if its a moped or any bike failing to stop and there is a solo bike, the bike will take primary and the cars will be seconday and teriarty. The met also have a dedicated op for it called op venice, 10 people to cover pan london. 3 cars, 3 bikes, 1 sergeant. the cars and bikes go out in pairs and the sergeant just floats

    I'm not saying the bike isn't useful or doesn't take part in pursuits, I'm just saying that pursuits everywhere across england and wales don't specifically require bikes. Perhaps they could be a requirement for escort missions but also able to replace RPU in pursuits?

    I understand that guard dogs are used to protect stuff, but I still don't understand how they will respond to calls. What calls could they respond to, why wouldn't they just stay at the high risk areas?

    I figure we won't know until the update comes out, but it would be something to discuss

    Calls to security breaches - achieved in-game by an extension which spawns calls locally instead of an update to spawn the calls all over the place - and by POIs where timed missions like "security concerns" or "VIP protection" etc could spawn and require a guard dog for an hour or so

    This has been requested idk how many times. Perhaps it would be worth checking the forum first? Also, there is a unit suggestion thread

    I like the idea of a moped fail to stop or something similar, but I don’t think bikes are ever a requirement for a police pursuit, in fact apart from VIP & abnormal load, I don’t think they’re “required” for anything. And even then, generally in most cases RPU can do much the same job in cars (obviously SEG in the met are an exception)

    With 14 new vehicles, I hope we will get some quality-of-life vehicles such as prisoner transports. I have been planning on making a police station for my prison, for extra cells, and prisoner transport units. Maybe I can do this without just using patrol cars.

    It has been confirmed that there will be a prisoner transport vehicle I believe.

    Anyone else confused about the latest police update announcement they put out on the Facebook? They mention getting guard dogs but leave out in what context. I don't know of any police department that has "guard dogs" I know of security companies that do though. Then they mention new federal police, when we already have FBI ATF and DEA. What agencies are we missing federal wise that we don't have in game. This announcement confuses me more than it excites me. Only thing in the announcement I am excited about is the Criminal Investigations stuff. What is everyone else's thoughts on this announcement?

    FBI Police

    All Federal Police types (Including Police forces who's job is to guard high-security infrastructure) hence "guard dogs"

    I'd also point out regarding rescue/quint the UK game has a CARP - Combined Arial Rescue Pump, which fulfills all three roles. I don't recall anywhere I've lived in the US having a three way unit. So the OP argument is perhaps moot, based on comparison to other versions.

    Unfortunately the “rescue” part of the name is misleading, as it relates to rescue via a ladder with a basket on the end rather than rescue as in heavy rescue. It does not fulfil the rescue requirement in-game. It is a renamed Quint for all intents and purposes.

    There are however other multi-role vehicles on the UK server such as the Operational Support Unit which acts as a welfare vehicle, breathing apparatus support unit and hazmat unit. There’s the armed cell van for the airport police which acts as a police car, can transport 2 prisoners and can act as an armed response vehicle. Also for the police is the Armed Traffic Car, which is a police car, traffic car and armed response vehicle all in one.

    I’m biased because I’ve been playing the same area for 6+ years now, but I think the Bristol area (south west) is a great start. If you want to play realistically then there’s a wide variety of units based in that area, and it benefits from multiple services in a very small area from coastguard and lifeboats to police air support, air ambulance, specialist paramedic teams, British transport police, ministry of defence police and civil nuclear constabulary, as well as the local police, fire, ambulance and search and rescue teams.

    My alliance is constantly recruiting and the bulk of our members have a setup in the area so are well-placed to help you set up. Our only restriction is that you place buildings in realistic locations and name things sensibly - other than that, go wild with your fleet / expansions / training etc. We have free training courses too. Our alliance is 999 Joint Control :)