Administration Building(s)

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    • Administration Building(s)

      I'd like to see Administration buildings for all the different services. This could come into play from the beginning, maybe make them free. Expansions would include things that would enhance the game over all, or for a brief period of time. Say, one extension would be the Public Affairs or Public Information Office. This would come with a PIO Vehicle, and there could be benefits that could could pay for. For example, 10k gets you 48 hours of reduced or eliminated smoke detector checks, or reduced # of heatstrokes in order to get your calls caught up. There could also be a fleet garage, where you can store vehicles (they would be out of service) that you need for future use, but just don't have the space for at the moment. You could also store your larger vehicles that do not need to be staffed, but can be called upon to do large alliance missions. You could also do simple things such as edit your apparatus appearances, vehicles number, etc.
    • I like the fleet garage idea, the only change I would make to it is you can set them as unavailable if that's how you want it. I based my set up on the city my uncle works in as a firefighter, and I found a very reliable source for making it super realistic. But there are a lot of reserve units that are used for swap outs during maintenance but would also be used in the event that emergency services are overwhelmed and more resources are needed, at which point staff from off duty shifts would come in and use the units to assist.