The [UEA] United Emergency Alliance - Recruitment Plan!

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    • The [UEA] United Emergency Alliance - Recruitment Plan!

      The [UEA] United Emergency Alliance - Is now Recruiting!

      [UEA] The United Emergency Alliance! The UEA Was formed to connect all of the Emergency Services across the U.K, Europe and the U.S, our Job is to Locally and Globally Dispatch to the Public to provide them a Safe Environment.

      Discord Communications: Our Communication System is still in the Workshop... It shall be Finished by 15/10/2019

      We are Recruiting!

      (Our Official Recruitment Plan shall be Published on this Thread on 08/01/20 Why then you must be asking? Because we are a Brand new Alliance and we want to be able to Gain Players)

      Did you know that as of the 02/10/2019 we will be Opening our Recruitment Plan to Members of the Public for 3 Months to Gain Staff Members for our Alliance! Not only that, When you join within those 3 Months you don’t have to Submit a Application or have to have a Interview! If you need Information on how to join us then read the Following Information below,

      You can Find us on (UK + US) MC we are called The United Emergency Alliance.

      Available Careers withing UEA: As we are a Brand New Alliance Operating on a Brand new UK Platform we wont be offering any Careers until 1 Month has Passed.

      Requirements & Rules -
      Requirements: Check the Requirements before you join us!
      1. You must be 13+ to be able to join our Alliance.
      2. You must be in a Operational Area that is not Currently Occupied by a Member.
      3. You must Contribute 5% Of Alliance Funds.
      4. You must be A Realistic Player (Our Alliance is 75% Realistic and 25% Fictional).
      Rules -

      Discord Rules: N/A

      In-Game Rules: (Coming Soon)

      UEA - The United Emergency Alliance.
      I hope to see you Join us soon!
      9Emergency_Handler9, Chief Officer of UEA.