Pink Heals

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    • We are a National Non-profit organization focused on delivering a message of Love and Hope
      to our community. We are a group of fire fighters, police officers, local
      government officials and volunteers that support women and their families
      battling all types of cancers. We support all types of cancer relief
      efforts and focus on women as a whole in whatever type of cancer they battle. As
      men it is in our nature to care for the women in our lives, this is just another
      way to show love and support. Our women are the most important people in our
      lives, whether they are our mothers, wives, daughters or sisters. We selflessly
      put our women first in the battle against cancer; at the very least we wear her
      color to let her know we CARE! We bring Love & Hope to our community and
      around the country in the form of Pink Fire Trucks.

      trucks are adorned with signatures and stories of those who have fought and
      survived as well as those who lost the fight. These signatures serve as a
      testament to the ideal that they are not alone.

      I am not affilated with the organiaztion all I did was make a unit pack for my friend. Please check it out. If you would like more information check out the web site given above.

      Pack is called "Pink Heals"