• Hello Members!

    I wanna first say thank you to those who have taken the time to message me or even reply back to my posts. I understand everyone's frustration and concerns. I am making note and will address these with Sebastian, please understand that the changes will take time but will done. I notice that we have a lot of people who are registered but hasn't been on in months some even longer. The involvement of members around here are very small and sadly this is why Sebastian had stop with updating the game due to the low numbers. I will work with Sebastian to make updates but I need you all to help me to get more people active again and to get new people to register and join the game. Remember the more active people in game and in the forums the more I can do for you all. If we continue to decrease in numbers then unfortunately we will lose the game.

    Improvements will happen and will continue to happen so long as we have active members more then what we have now. If you wanna volunteer your services and have expertise that could help us, then please feel free to inbox me.

    I will be working on getting the following down;

    Fixing the alliance missions, so that it is not in german language
    Fix the forums so that members are able to register and post to the forums ( If you are having forum issues plz message me)
    Better vehicles & missions within the game.

  • If the game should get more members , someone (like an advertisement team ) has to advertise on different platforms.

    Facebook is very important. But also youtube is important. With tutorials, gameplays or news.

    If there has to be a change, every possible type of advertising has to be taken.

    I don't know if Sebastian says yes to that, but what are you thinking about an little ad on the german forum ?

  • Thank you Gamecruiser you are absolutely correct and we are taking these steps. Perhaps maybe you would like to join the team ?

  • For getting more players, I would suggest advertising on reddit specifically to the emergency services subreddits. I suggested it to Sebastian a while ago, and when I looked into it, it was pretty cheap.

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