Types of Ladder Trucks

  • It is a fact that fire departments acquire apparatus because of their environment and needs. Maybe the cities streets are narrow so they purchase a tiller truck or maybe they need a more versatile truck to handle various calls then they purchase a quint. Or the department may need a more rigid role for the truck on the scene of a fire. Give it a bucket and a monitor at the tip for elevated attack on a fire.

    What can be added is a Tower ladder, and a tiller ladder truck. The regular platform truck can stay as the "normal" aerial truck.

    Fort Worth Fire Department's Truck 1 would be considered a Tower Ladder because of the bucket at the end.

    LAFD Truck 95 is a tiller due to the main body being pulled by the cab with a driver in the rear steering the back tires.
    The point is there are many types of ladder companies for many different reasons. But in mission chief, I see a need for a more varied ladder truck. Yes, I know I am asking for something that seems redundant. But,like the type 1 and type 2 engines it can be labeled and created as ladder companies only. It certainly adds more realism and variety to what environment or mission type any fire department finds itself in.

    I hope this would at least be looked into a future update since it inst all that important game play wise. But to many wanting to add variety or realism in to their games, this would certainly deliver.

  • There are a lot more important units to be added to the game at this point
    I'm not going to say that to you as I see your like me, you want variety in the game, personally this ladder variant wouldn't be a big deal but I understand it might be for you

    Temporary (or permanent) solution for you: Use different graphic packs at different stations to achieve what you are looking for :D

  • There are Aerial Ladders then you got the Tower Ladders, Now these days both are being used by different department around the world now. There is no difference, They are used to do the same thing, Its what the department decides for them to be used for while being operated.

    [Blocked Image: https://ten8fire.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/front-left.jpg] Here is a Quantum 75' Aerial ladder. They come in different ratings for both Aerial's and Tower Ladders. It does not matter by their Radio Designation, its what their Manufacturer has to offer.

    A Tower Ladder is a radio designation used by some places to designate an aerial with a Platform on the end of the aerial from others. It is a Platform Aerial/Platform Quint just under a different name. Both types are covered in the game as "Platform Truck" and "Quint"

  • change the name of the unit/create an image to place on it. the platform is a fine tiller and any other truck that doesn't supply water. otherwise known as the platform truck per the game.
    your quint supplies water with a pump and tank, as posted above. They solved this issue upon creation of both.

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